Ria Mobile App Review


Ria mobile app review
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Founded in 1987 in New York and a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc., Ria offers its customers the ability to send money to over 133 countries, make domestic and international payments for bills and vendor services, and provides prepaid debit cards, check cashing services, money orders, and the ability to top up mobile accounts while on the go.

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App Overview

Ria's app is designed with those sending regular payments to friends and family abroad in mind. The app is less user friendly than many of its competitors, requiring much information to be stored and shared before any transfers can take place.

App Specifics

Ria users must register before they can access the Ria mobile app. Ria requires more information than many of its competitors, asking for the user's address, birth date, mobile number and for 3 security questions to be made before the app may be used. While we appreciated the high security of Ria's app, filling out three security questions was tedious compared to other apps that have equally good, but more convenient security, such as World First, who assigns a passcode to its users. Once the user can access the app, using the Ria app is simple. The user provides the amount being sent, chooses bank transfer or cash pick-up and then provides the recipient's address and bank account information. Unlike other money transfer apps, fees and transfer costs are not shared until the very end. This is somewhat inconvenient for users looking to save money on their transfer who are also short on time. There is a price calculator, but this is hard to find on the app.

Unique Features of Ria App

  • Facilitate in-app transfers
  • Money can be sent to over 316,000 locations
  • Price calculator

Ideal Users

The ideal user for the Ria mobile app is someone who already uses Ria for transfers or regularly sends payments to one of the countries Ria delivers to.

The Ria mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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