Remitly Mobile App Review


Remitly mobile app review
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Founded in 2005, Remitly is a Seattle-based mobile payments service and money transfer company. Remitly has additional offices in the Philippines and offers its customers the ability to send money quickly and easily throughout the majority of the United States, as well as to India and the Philippines. Customers can send money from a mobile device using a bank account, a debit card, or a credit card.

App Overview

As their name suggests, Remitly's mobile app is designed for users sending assistance to family and friends. With the mobile app, Remitly users can send money to India, the Philippines, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.

App Specifics

Before using the Remitly app, users must be registered with Remitly. After registration, transfers can be made easily. After selecting the country the user wants to send money to, the Remitly app displays the offered exchange rate at the very top of the screen. Users are offered delivery speed options - with free "economy transfers" that take several days to deliver or "Express" delivery, which is available in minutes to the recipients, for a charge of $3.99. With the Remitly app, users can deposit money into foreign accounts or arrange for cash pickup at a Remitly affiliated location.

Unique Features of the App

  • Offers Repeat Transactions Feature
  • Call Customer Support, toll-free, from the app
  • Track your transfer within the app
  • Text message updates can be sent to both you and the recipient
  • Send money via debit card or by bank account transfer

Ideal Users

Remitly's app is ideal to those regularly and primarily sending money to Latin America, the Philippines or India. Because the Remitly app only allows transfers to 10 specific countries, those who regularly transfer to other countries may find another app more useful.

Remitly have a mobile app available at the App Store and the Play Store



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