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Guide to money transfer for buying property overseas


Whether you are buying, selling or investing in property abroad, foreign exchange transfers are key to maximise the value of the currency your are sending and ultimately saving you a great deal of money. FXcompared is pleased to recommend currency specialists who can source you the cheapest, quickest and most cost-effective solutions for international payments for buying overseas properties.

Through our website, FXcompared has helped thousands of people find the best deal and save money on buying and selling currency for international property purposes.

Benefits of using a money transfer provider

The foreign currency specialists listed are experts in transferring money to pay for an overseas property and offer:

  • Far better exchange rates than you would get from a bank
  • No fees or commission
  • Security against exchange rate fluctuation (talk to the providers below about fixing the rate)
  • Hedging your currency exposure
  • Fast international payments
  • A dedicated account manager tailored to your requirements

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Planning for your purchase or sale

If you have sale or purchase of an overseas property planned, we strongly suggest you make early contact with a money transfer provider. If you register for an account, you will be able to receive advice on future exchange rates and how you can plan to de-risk the currency trade involved. There are a variety of what are known as forward or hedging products to be able to lock-in a future exchange rate and be sure to discuss these with your provider.


Maintaining your overseas property

Whether you have an holiday home in a foreign country or you are an expat with a property back home, it is likely you will have monthly expenses to cater for such as mortgage payments, rent or maintenance fees. If you setup a recurring payment plan with a money transfer company, you can make this process much easier to manage and save costly monthly bank fees.


Our guides cover the details of the money transfers and the providers that help when buying property in your destination country.

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