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How Does Venmo Make Money?

Sending money quickly and without a charge might make for a satisfied customer, but it does not necessarily lend itself to a lucrative business plan. So how does Venmo earn money, if not taking a percentage of personal transactions? The FXcompared team spends some time examining Venmo.

| News | US

Canadian Dollar Weakens as Oil Prices Decline

The US dollar continues to perform strongly in the FX markets, riding high on the anticipated interest hikes following Janet Yellen’s announcement earlier this month. Unfortunately for the Canadian dollar, the anticipated raised interest rates for the US dollar mean the Canadian dollar is losing value against the U.S. dollar.

| News | Canada

BillMo Founder and CEO Steve LaBella Talks Money Transfer

BillMo Founder and CEO Steve LaBella is no stranger to the world of payments. Steve founded BillMo in 2015 with a different approach to the traditional remittance business model in mind. FXcompared’s CEO Daniel Webber sat down with Steve to discuss BillMo’s unique business model, the difference between targeting remittance senders and recipients and more.
By Andrea Barnes | | Interviews | See more in Company Profiles & Insights

Comparing Wire Transfer Fees at Top US Banks

Did you know you can be charged a fee for an incoming international transfer to your bank account? FXcompared breaks down the charges for both sending and receiving an international bank wire to your American bank account. We also provide some additional information, including access to online transfers, availability of a mobile app and/or ability to send money internationally from the app.
By Genia Jones | | Personal | See more in Money Transfer Guides

Study Abroad Guide - Brisbane, Australia

The capital city of Queensland is renowned for its eclectic arts scene, beautiful year round weather, and breathtaking scenery, all with a much lower cost of living than cities like Sydney and Melbourne. And with ten college campuses scattered across town, you’re sure to find the right study program to suit your academic needs
By Claire Yenson | | Education | See more in Personal Guides

Caribbean Destination Wedding - Guide to Jamaica

Jamaica’s vast, natural beauty and diverse landscape make it one of the top travel destinations in the world. With its world-class beaches and world-famous reggae music scene, and warm weather, this island nation offers a Caribbean destination wedding experience that’s irresistible to many couples.
By Genia Jones | | Expats | See more in Personal Guides

Danang Vietnam - Retirement Guide

With one of the nicest climates in Southeast Asia, a high quality of life, clean streets and a modern infrastructure, Da Nang is increasingly a popular option for retirees on a tight budget looking for a safe, pleasant place to live.
By Genia Jones | | Expats | See more in Personal Guides

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