UAE’s Sharjah Light Festival set to captivate audiences


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  • The renowned Sharjah Light Festival in the UAE has been scheduled for February with new immersive art displays.
  • This year, the festival promises to be even more captivating with the addition of a drone swan show on the water of Rafisah Dam.
  • The highly anticipated Sharjah Light Village also opened its doors to visitors on 1 February, offering a unique experience for all age groups aiming to bring the UAE's culture to wealthy visitors.

The Sharjah Light Festival is set to take place from 7 to 8 February, and promises to be an immersive experience for visitors.

With 12 different locations in Sharjah, the festival will showcase innovative technologies, including a mesmerising swan drone show.

Artabesk’s Managing Director Mounir Harbaoui is responsible for mapping projections and creating displays on buildings in four locations, Sharjah Mosque, Dibba Mosque, Rafisah Dam and Hamriya Souq.

This event brings together international artists and designers from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind light show. Visitors will witness 12 swans gracefully performing a ballet, synchronised perfectly on the water.

Sharjah Mosque will feature a blend of traditional and modern content, incorporating abstract effects. The planning and preparation for this event began many months ago, with the careful selection of locations and creative development.

With 37,000 luminous projectors used across the four sites, the Sharjah Light Festival attracts art enthusiasts from across the globe and embodies the luxurious culture of the UAE. The festival features artwork and video mapping by 15 international artists, highlighting the iconic buildings of Sharjah.

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Dr Khalid Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Media City (Shams), expressed his hopes that both local and international visitors will thoroughly enjoy their time at the festival, which promises to be an exciting fusion of technology, visual, audio and immersive experiences.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Light Village, a popular attraction in the UAE, opened its doors to visitors on 1 February and will run until 18 February, again aiming to attract foreign visitors to experience Emirati culture.

This festival showcases the unique architecture and intricate details of the buildings in Sharjah, providing a visually stunning experience for attendees.

With a wide variety of immersive experiences, the Light Village offers something for everyone, regardless of age. Last year, the festival attracted a staggering 190,000 visitors, and this year, even higher numbers are expected due to new additions and increased investment. Local Emirati artists will also be featured, adding a touch of local and Arab culture to the event.

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