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FrontierPay Products for Individuals

Individuals who are sending money abroad for overseas real estate purchases, remittances to relatives or friends, pension payments, or who are transferring money overseas for any other reason will be able to secure a favorable exchange rate with one of Frontierpay's forex market specialists. Frontierpay fees are less than what is charged by a traditional bank, and the company offers a rate watch service to alert customers when favorable exchange rates are available.

Frontierpay gives its customers a fast way to make one-off overseas payments or money transfers with its spot rates service. Frontierpay foreign exchange market specialists are trained to find the most competitive foreign exchange rate and execute transactions immediately for its clients, if needed. Customers can be secure knowing that the Frontierpay will offer competitive rates and that the fees charged are lower than what the customer would pay at a bank for the same service. Frontierpay also ensures the safety of customer assets by maintaining segregated customer accounts. This means the customers’ assets are kept separate from Frontierpay company accounts under financial regulatory guidelines. In the event something were to go wrong, the FX firm’s customer assets would be protected, no matter what.

Customers who are looking for an easy way to save time, money, and streamline their ongoing fx payment needs can use Frontierpay's automated payment services. For those individuals who are making regular overseas transfers for items such as rent or mortgage payments, subscription fees, personal loan payments, salary transfers, or regular remittances, they’ll find it easy to establish a fixed payment plan.

FrontierPay Products for Business

Frontierpay’s business solutions are customized to match the needs of corporations and businesses that must conduct business abroad. Frontierpay offers spot rates and futures contracts for money transfers, giving businesses the ability to execute immediately when needed, or to lock in a favorable rate as protection against fluctuating market exchange rates and then execute the transfer at some future date. The company’s Rate Watch service is a way to track exchange rate fluctuations and specify a target rate. Once the target rate is reached, a specialist will execute the transaction on the customer’s behalf. Frontierpay’s business automated payment services can help businesses streamline their overseas payment processes and save money, as well as helping them to manage their exposure to the foreign exchange markets. The foreign exchange market expertise of Frontierpay currency specialists can help businesses with the tools they need to navigate the sometimes volatile forex markets.

About Frontierpay (formerly The FX Firm)

Frontierpay was formed in 2009 to provide international money transfer and payment services to businesses and individual clients at favorable foreign exchange rates and low fees. The company offers segregated accounts and a high level of service to its global client base.

Frontierpay is authorized by and follows the guidelines for payment services firms as set forth by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and is a regulated Money Service Business with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Frontierpay also participates in the Financial Ombudsman Scheme and is a member of the UK Money Transmitters Association.

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