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Currency Solutions Products for Individuals

Individuals who need to transfer money abroad for purchasing property, sending remittances to family members, or any other number of reasons, will find that Currency Solutions offers the highest level of customer service while securing the most favorable currency exchange rates for their transactions.

Currency Solutions offers three ways to send money for customers who are concerned about managing forex market risk: spot, or immediate-execution transfers, forward contracts, and limit orders. Customers can choose between currency transfer services that allow them to execute their transaction immediately, such as a spot rate, which allows them to lock in the best foreign exchange rate that the Currency Solutions forex specialist can find. Forward contracts are a good way for customers to lock in a more favorable rate, especially if they are concerned about future rate fluctuations. A futures contract allows them to send their money at a future date that is convenient for them, while already having secured a favorable locked-in exchange rate.

Customers can also choose a limit order, which allows them to specify a target rate at which they will execute their transaction. A limit order can help customers avoid fluctuating exchange rates by giving them the ability to establish a target range for their transaction. The order will be automatically executed only when the rate reaches the customer’s target. This saves the customer time and worry over having to monitor the markets. They can simply tell the forex specialist their target rate, and the Currency Solutions market specialist will handle the rest. Limit orders are particularly good for customers who are sending a large amount of money, and who do not need to send the money immediately.

Customers needing to make regular overseas transfers for mortgage payments, paying a child’s school fees, salary transfers, pensions, or any other type of ongoing payment, will find it easy with Currency Solutions’ regular payments plan. Customers can also set up an automated payment plan with a fixed exchange rate, saving them time and money in the process.

Currency Solutions Products for Business

Currency Solutions products and services for business customers are tailored to help businesses streamline their overseas transfer and payment processes, and to help them manage their exposure to the foreign exchange markets. Currency Solutions’ risk management expertise and market insight give businesses the tools they need to help them navigate the sometimes volatile movements in the forex markets. Business customers can choose from transfer strategies including spot, forward, and limit order options to help lock in the best exchange rates for their transactions, and to choose the timing of when their money will be sent.

Currency Solutions also offers businesses automated payment plans that help companies better manage their employee payroll, service fee payments, pension payments, vendor payments, or any other type of regular, ongoing payment need. Companies can choose and fix the exchange rate that is most favorable, and Currency Solutions systems will ensure the payments are made on time and at the rate the company has set.

About Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions was established in 2003 with a mission of providing a high level of customer service while offering the most favorable foreign exchange rates to its customers. The company has over 100,000 clients and was independently ranked by Trustpilot as the number one foreign exchange company, based on customer reviews.

Review of Customer Reviews

Fees & Exchange Rate

Currency Solutions customer reviews commenting on the company’s fees and exchange rates are almost all favorable. In fact, it’s hard to find a negative review about the company’s ability to secure favorable exchange rates for their customer’s transactions. Currency Solutions does not charge transaction fees, and many reviewers commented favorably on the savings they enjoyed from lower overall transactions costs. Many comments focused on the company’s ability to find great exchange rates while also charging less than a bank for the same service. The ability to use advanced hedging strategies, or to purchase futures contracts to lock in favorable exchange rates to use at a future date, were also mentioned in several reviews.

Global Reach / Currencies Available

Currency Solutions offers all global currencies and money transfers to all major regions of the world. Reviewers were generally satisfied with the company’s global reach and ability to quickly convert or purchase currencies. Reviewer comments included the ability to quickly send remittances back to family, and Currency Solutions’ ability to manage ongoing global payments using a number of different currencies. Several reviewers commented that purchasing a home in another country was made much easier due to Currency Solutions’ global reach, local expertise, and ongoing support during the transaction.

Transaction Ease

There were no negative reviews or comments about the ability to quickly and easily transact using Currency Solutions’ online platform or by calling an agent. Several comments mentioned the ease of contacting an agent to talk through a transaction, and others commented on the company’s easy-to-use online system and 24/7 availability for setting up and submitting transactions.

Transaction Timing

There were a number of reviews about Currency Solutions trading staff and their expertise in not only securing favorable exchange rates but identifying the best time to lock in an exchange rate that was superior to what they’d been offered by a bank. Several reviewers commented on the company’s follow-through on delivery of the funds, and staff communicating regularly about the status of a transfer or payment.

Online Offering

Currency Solutions’ website and process for setting up a money transfer online were favorites for many reviewers. Comments ranged from the website’s ease of use to being able to find live, continuously-updated exchange rates. Overall, reviewers rated the Currency Solutions online platform very highly.

Overall Customer Service / Helplines / Help centers

While almost all Currency Solutions reviews were positive, the company’s customer service and support staff were consistently mentioned as being among the best. Currency Solutions markets itself as a committed money transfer company that prides itself on its high level of customer support, and that was confirmed by the overwhelmingly positive customer comments. Reviews were consistently favorable for Currency Solutions’ knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful support staff, as well as the ease of contacting a specialist by phone or through the website. Several commenters mentioned that being able to contact a specialist directly made them feel more secure about submitting an order for a money transfer. The company also got high marks for its pricing transparency and policy of always being open with the customer about any transaction fees that could be imposed.

Other products

Currency Solutions customer reviews focused primarily on good pricing, good execution, and excellent customer service, but there were a number of reviews that mentioned the company’s additional services, such as free market research available on their website, online currency tools such as currency conversion calculators, and additional support when customers were handling a difficult, involved overseas transaction, or establishing a personalized approach for making a series of international payments.

Overall summary

Currency Solutions has built a reputation as a transparent money transfer firm with a focus on top-notch customer service. The customer reviews confirm this. The company currently has over 1,500 reviews on TrustPilot and ReviewCentre, and it’s difficult to find a negative review. TrustPilot currently gives Currency Solutions a score of 9.9 out of 10, and ReviewCentre gives it a rating of 4.75 out of 5. Many TrustPilot reviews gave the company 5 stars and described their interaction as being almost perfect.

Overall, 99.9% of clients recommended Currency Solutions, which is a very high ranking for a money transfer firm. The most-mentioned benefits included excellent exchange rates, high flexibility on the company’s part to work with the customer, helpful market advice that allowed clients to save more money, the best customer service, and complete transparency of pricing and fees.

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