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Moneycorp Products for Individuals

moneycorp screenshotMoneycorp provides its money transfer services for individuals who wish to make one-off payments, or who wish to target a favorable currency exchange rate for their future currency transactions. Customers can choose a spot contract for an immediate execution at market rate, a futures contract to lock in a favorable exchange rate and execute the transaction at a future date, or a limit order option, which gives them the option of waiting for the rate they want to make a transfer.

Moneycorp provides the option of establishing ongoing, automated payments for currency transactions. Similar to one-off currency transactions, Moneycorp customers can choose a spot rate for their automated foreign currency payments, or can lock in the best foreign exchange rates for a specified number of payments over time.

Moneycorp Products for Business

Moneycorp provides money transfer and exchange risk management services for business clients. For businesses that choose to send money internationally by using either a spot rate, or by purchasing forward contracts or limit orders, Moneycorp can help by searching for the best available exchange rates, providing timely market information and live quotes, and offering economic commentary that helps businesses better understand the markets and how to most effectively manage their currency exposures and foreign exchange risk.

For business clients that need to make regular, ongoing payments for vendor supplies and services, employee salaries, or other business-related payment obligations, Moneycorp offers the ability to set up automated payment plans for their business clients. Moneycorp also provides additional business services such as same-day delivery of bulk currency and pick-up in the UK (two hours within London, within one day for the rest of the UK), and industry specialized services for a variety of sectors, including banking, transportation, cruise ships, and airport charter companies. Moneycorp’s currency specialists are available throughout the day via telephone or online, and settlements can be made in cash or by bank transfer. Cross-and same-currency dealing and settlements of trades, and trading in nearly 100 currencies, are also offered.

About Moneycorp

Moneycorp is a privately-held foreign exchange and money services firm incorporated in 1962 with offices in the UK, US, Ireland, and Spain. Moneycorp began handling foreign exchange transactions in 1979, and in 2014 handled 9.2 million customer transactions, with £13.1 billion traded in currencies.

Moneycorp is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and follows the guidelines established by the Payment Services Regulations. Moneycorp’s parent company, Moneycorp Financial Risk Management Limited, is also authorized and regulated under the FCA’s guidelines as a designated investment business, which permits it to engage in investment advice, arrange investment deals, act as an investment agent, and as a principal in investment activity. Authorized investment products include futures contracts, options, and rolling spot foreign exchange contracts.

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