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Top 3 Money Transfer Providers for UK to Australia

Provider Amount Received Fee Exchange Rate Speed
Moneycorp Moneycorp AUD $17,457.83 No Fee 1.7458 1-3 days more...
Currencies Direct Currencies Direct AUD $17,746.77 No Fee 1.7747 1-3 days more...
TorFX TorFX AUD $17,648.67 No Fee 1.7649 1-3 days more...
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Send money from UK to Australia

How to Transfer Money from UK to Australia

UK to Australia Summary

Thanks to the historic, cultural and political ties between Australia and the UK, there are very few barriers to UK to Australia money transfer. Australia has been one of the most popular expatriate destinations for British citizens looking to work abroad. Similarly, the UK has been a very popular destination for Australians looking to work abroad. Due to this, there are significant overseas money transfer flows from the UK to Australia.

Top 10 Money Transfer Providers

Latest prices for transferring money from UK to Australia
Exchange Rates as of 2 March 2021, 14:41


Est. 1979

One-off payments | Regular payments | Great rates | Safeguarded customer funds

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Amount Received
AUD $17,457.83
GBP £101.60
saved vs. banks

Currencies Direct

Est. 1996

Great exchange rates | Specialist services | No added fees, 24/7 transfers | Safe and secure

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Amount Received
AUD $17,746.77
GBP £263.60
saved vs. banks


Est. 2004

Excellent exchange rates | No transfer fees | Thousands of 5 star reviews 

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
AUD $17,648.67
GBP £208.60
saved vs. banks


Est. 1998

OFX (previously UKForex in the UK), provides secure and speedy international money transfers to over 300,000 people in 55 currencies at better-than-bank rates

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Amount Received
AUD $17,639.00
GBP £203.18
saved vs. banks

Global Reach (formerly FC Exchange)

Est. 2005

Great rates | One-off payments | Regular transfers | E-Money Institution | No fees for FXcompared customers

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Amount Received
AUD $17,675.43
GBP £223.60
saved vs. banks


The AUD, also known as the ‘Aussie dollar’, is the official currency currently in circulation in Australia. The AUD was introduced in 1966 to replace the Australian pound, which was the currency it inherited as a former British colony. For many years, the AUD was pegged to the USD, although this was dropped in 1983 when it floated freely for the first time. Since then, the AUD has grown to be one of the most popular currencies traded on the live markets. It has a particularly strong presence in the Asia-Pacific market.


Economic, trading and political relations

The economic, trading, and political relations between Australia and the UK are incredibly deep, thanks, in part, to their status as a former colony of Britain. Although they are still a member of the commonwealth, the two countries remain very much separate in terms of their economies. Although trade links between the two countries have improved in recent years, Australia’s main trading partners are still found in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite this, the ties between the two countries are very deep. As a result, hundreds of thousands each year look to send money to Australia from UK.


Bank accounts and credit cards

In Australia, the main banks are the Australia and New Zealand banking Group (ANZ), Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the National Australia Bank. There are also numerous local banks with a smaller footprint than the main ones just set out. In terms of the UK banks with a presence in Australia, one of the largest would be HSBC, although its branch coverage is quite small. Opening a bank account in Australia is relatively straightforward to do and will require proof of address, proof of residence and a valid passport.

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Top 10 Money Transfer Providers continued...

Western Union Business Solutions

Est. 2009

The Personal Payments team at Western Union Business Solutions look after the overseas currency requirements for private individuals.

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Amount Received
AUD $17,568.41
GBP £163.60
saved vs. banks


Est. 2005
Established in 2005, RationalFX helps individuals and businesses achieve significant savings on international payments
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Amount Received
AUD $17,684.34
GBP £228.60
saved vs. banks

Currency Solutions

Est. 2003

Currency exchange specialists ranking No.1 on Trustpilot for the past two years

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Amount Received
AUD $17,691.48
GBP £232.60
saved vs. banks

Smart Currency Exchange

Est. 2004
Smart is focused on helping clients to effectively and efficiently send and receive payments internationally
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Amount Received
AUD $17,684.34
GBP £228.60
saved vs. banks

Rates From The Average UK High Street Bank

Est. 1934

Banks are the most expensive way to do an international money transfer, the quotes from the providers above show you the typical savings that can be made. All providers on are regulated in the UK  by the FCA, in the USA by FinCEN, In Canada SSC and Australia, ASIC.

We check all rates regularly and this quote is an actual quote of the average from UK banks for this month. It includes all major and small banks. Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, Santander, NatWest, RBS, Coutts, Handelsbanken, Metro bank and more - tracked every month. We obtain our rates via our IMTI platform.

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Amount Received
AUD $17,248.80
No saving vs. banks

Visas and immigration

There are a number of visas that Britons can obtain to move to Australia either temporarily or permanently. Skilled Independent Migration visas are usually for professionals such as accountants, engineers and dentists. The Employer Nomination Scheme is suitable if your UK-based employer is sponsoring your move out to Australia. Finally, if you are British and wish to either invest, set up a business or retire, there is an entrepreneurial visa category called Business Migration. Due to the history between the UK and Australia, there are also certain schemes in place that allow Australians who have a parent who was born in the UK to move to England much more simply. There are certain requirements that must be met, but they are far less stringent than a typical visa.

Banking, money and taxes

Themain banks in Australia are the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ),Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and National Australia Bank.Opening a bank account in Australia is relatively easy and some UK-based banksalso have operations in Australia, and you will be able to transfer pounds toAustralian dollars when necessary. Given the volume of the pound-dollartransfers, there are a number of specialist money transfer operators that cantransfer funds quickly and cheaply.


The UK tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April, in contrast to the Australian tax year, which runs from 1 July through to 30 June. Bear this in mind when planning your move and how it will impact your taxes. Australia and the UK have a double tax treaty, but not all items are covered, so be sure to check if any of your income streams may be affected. Taking advice in regard to your tax is always recommended due to the potential crossover between the UK tax year and the Australian tax year.


Australia’s public healthcare system is known as Medicare, and all Australian citizens and permanent residents have access to it. As the UK has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia, you will be able to have access to Medicare, even if you are on a temporary visa. You may have to pay a medical surcharge.

For Australians in the UK, the National Health Service is free (though not all services, such as dentistry, are free). Hospital services are free to residents, but non-residents will be charged. Anyone planning to live and work in England will have to register with a general practitioner (doctor). A lot of this is related to the relationship that the UK and Australia have via the Commonwealth.

Moving with your pet

You can bring your pet to the UK making use of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), and the UK government includes Australia as an accepted country. If your pet has a veterinary certificate that shows that they have had all their vaccinations and that these are all up to date, then they can be brought into the UK without undergoing quarantine. The one exception for Australia is for cats. Cats are prohibited from entering the UK from Australia unless they are accompanied by a certificate from the Australian Veterinary Authorities confirming that they have not been on a holding where Hendra virus has been confirmed during the 60 days prior to them leaving Australia. For further details on the list of animals and the procedures, check with the UK government websites. There may be slight changes to the rules in regard to pets once the UK has left the EU, as there are currently some laws in place that the UK may wish to rescind.

Did you know?

In addition to mainland Australia and Tasmania, the Australian dollar is also the official currency for the Pacific Island states of Nauru, Tuvalu and Kiribati.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the money transfer companies shown above safe to use?

The companies listed above are fully licensed to operate international money transfer services. As such, they offer a high degree of protection to customers opting to use their services.

How long does an international money transfer take?

There are a number of factors that will influence how long a money transfer will take. This includes the method chosen to send it, what country it is being sent to, and how the end user chooses to receive it. Transfers sent via bank will generally take between 1–2 days in total, although this may happen within the same day. Debit card and credit card transfers are also possible, which are generally much quicker. Although it should be noted that a GBP to AUD transfer made using this method will be limited to smaller amounts.

How do I use FXcompared?

To get started making an international money transfer UK to Australia, you should first review the above comparison results to get a sense of who offers the most competitive rates. It is recommended that you choose a provider based on criteria such as price, speed and its overall rating. Once you have made a selection, click the link to get taken through to its website. From here, you will be able to register and set up an account. Once fully verified, you will then be able to transfer money from UK to Australia.

What payments methods can I use to send money overseas?

There are a number of different methods available to make money transfers. The rates provided above are for bank to bank transfers. Some providers will support transfers via cash, credit and debit cards, as well as digital wallets. Of these, bank transfers are probably the best way to transfer money from UK to Australia.

What if the price shown above isn’t exactly what I am offered when I try to transfer money?

The quotes provided above reflect market rates at the time the quote was first displayed. As they reflect live market rates, they will change over time as the markets update. As such, the quotes displayed above may sometimes differ from the final price offered when the transfer is finalised. There may also be some slight variations depending on the provider used and whether they have any special agreements with FXCompared. As prices do change, make sure you confirm the total cost before choosing to transfer funds from UK to Australia.

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