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Effective FX

EffectiveFX Products for Individuals

As fx specialists, EffectiveFX offers more competitive exchange rates than high street banks for individual clients who need to make regular overseas payments, buy or sell property in a foreign country, are planning to emigrate, or need to move a large amount of money at one time.

It is free to sign up with EffectiveFX and they promise that there are no hidden fees included in their transactions. Individual clients are assigned a forex specialist who will match their needs with the best options available for an international money transfer. Individual funds are kept segregated in designated accounts, increasing the safety and security of client funds.

EffectiveFX Products for Businesses

The forex specialists at EffectiveFX understand that even minor changes in rates can have a significant impact on a businesses bottom line. They work with business clients to lower the costs of currency trades and to set up hedging strategies. Business clients benefit from the experience and specialized skills of a dedicated specialist who watches the forex market on the client’s behalf.

EffectiveFX has several tools to help businesses plan for the future, anticipate fluctuations in the currency markets, and minimize risk. They offer forward contracts, which allow businesses to lock in a specific exchange rate for use at a date in the future. A 3% deposit is required up front and the remainder is paid whenever the currency is traded. Business clients can also place limit orders, which establish a specific price at which they are willing to trade within a 24 hour period. Currency is traded once the limit is attained. Stop loss orders are another option for businesses to set an fx range amount at which to execute a forex transfer. With a stop loss order, the currency is traded only if the specified limit is reached.

About EffectiveFX

EffectiveFX is a UK-based financial company which was incorporated in 2012. It is a registered entity of Plutus FX Ltd and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a part of the Payment Service Regulations of 2009. Client funds are held in client trust bank accounts or with a partnering brokerage if not in transit.

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