There are some ‘fantastic’ deals on property available across Europe, it has been claimed.

Brits planning to use international money transfer services to purchase property abroad should find there are still some “fantastic opportunities” available.

According to, the current economic uncertainty around the world has not stopped people taking advantage of some good deals in a number of European countries.


Founder Marc Da-Silva explained that there are some “wonderful investment opportunities” to be found in amongst the “mess and chaos” of Portugal, Spain and Ireland’s economic circumstances.
“While people may not be in the position to be able to buy property, they certainly still need somewhere to rent, which then creates rental opportunities,” he said.

“There are certainly some high rental yields achievable – especially in the domestic markets. There are lots of opportunities and I would never ignore Europe,” he said.

Meanwhile, Standard Life recently reported that Spain is the top overseas retirement destination for Brits, with Australia, the US, France and Ireland making up the rest of the topĀ five.


Posted by Huw Jenkins