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Top 3 Money Transfer Providers for Israel to UK

Provider Amount Received Fee Exchange Rate Speed
TorFX TorFX GBP £2,108.64 No Fee 0.2109 1-3 days more...
Moneycorp Moneycorp GBP £2,065.27 No Fee 0.2065 1-3 days more...
Smart Currency Exchange Smart Currency Exchange GBP £2,088.83 ILS23.52 0.2089 1-3 days more...
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Send money from Israel to UK

How to Transfer Money from Israel to UK

Israel to UK Guide


Israel’s currency, the new shekel (ILS), is fully convertible, which makes it simple to transfer money from Israel to the UK. Previous restrictions on currency and capital transactions have all been removed, making it much easier to transfer money between these two countries. However, any money transfer to UK must be done by a forex broker who has authorization from the Central Bank of Israel. Despite the removal of restrictions, money transfer agencies must report forex transactions in large amounts in order that the government can monitor external assets and combat money laundering.

Top 5 Money Transfer Providers

Latest prices for transferring money from Israel to UK
Exchange Rates as of 25 July 2024, 00:45


Est. 2004

Excellent exchange rates | No transfer fees | Thousands of 5 star reviews 

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
GBP £2,108.64
ILS ₪378.56
saved vs. banks


Est. 1979

One-off payments | Regular payments | Great rates | Safeguarded customer funds

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Amount Received
GBP £2,065.27
ILS ₪174.56
saved vs. banks

Smart Currency Exchange

Est. 2004
Smart is focused on helping clients to effectively and efficiently send and receive payments internationally
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Amount Received
GBP £2,088.83
ILS ₪285.39
saved vs. banks


Est. 2005

Great rates | One-off payments | Regular transfers | E-Money Institution | No fees for FXcompared customers

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
GBP £2,096.60
ILS ₪321.94
saved vs. banks

Currency Solutions

Est. 2003

Currency exchange specialists ranking No.1 on Trustpilot for the past two years

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Amount Received
GBP £2,094.48
ILS ₪311.98
saved vs. banks

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Visas and work permits for the UK

Israeli nationals will require a visa in order to visit, work or remain permanently in the UK. A general visitors’ visa to the UK is valid for six months. In order to obtain this type of visa, applicants must present a valid return ticket, a letter from an employer in Israel and proof that you have sufficient funds or means to sustain your visit without having to work.

Several different types of work visas are available to foreign nationals. Tier 2 work visas are intended for non-UK nationals who have a specialized skill and have a job offer from a British sponsor, along with a certificate of sponsorship. The UK immigration website will provide more detailed information on the procedures for visa application. A Tier 5 visa is the particular visa for Israeli nationals who want to work temporarily in the UK. Several other types of visas are available for Israelis who want to work in the UK. These include visas for domestic workers and representatives of businesses abroad. Israeli natives may also be able to apply for permanent resident status in the UK based on certain criteria.

Study in the UK

Israeli nationals are subject to international tuition fees at any one of the many tertiary institutions in the UK. The average cost of tuition per year for international students is £18,759, while postgraduate studies can cost as much as £38,532 for each year of a degree programme. Working with a specialised foreign exchange broker can help you to select the most efficient terms for regular international money transfers.

A Tier 4 visa is required for foreigners who wish to study in the UK. Once you have been accepted into an accredited institution, the application process is relatively simple. You must be able to prove that you have enough funds to cover the cost of the course, as well as to meet the cost of living. The cost of living in the UK is relatively high, and can typically amount to as much as £6,825 per year.

Banking and Money

Opening a local bank account will make it easier to transfer money from Israel to UK. The UK has a variety of banks to choose from, and several institutions maintain branches in both countries, such as Israel Discount Bank, Bank Leumi and BHI UK. In order to open a UK bank account you will have to present several documents, including proof of a local address, income or employer, and valid personal identification. In many cases, it may be simpler to establish a bank account before leaving Israel in order to facilitate money transfer methods.


The tax year in the UK runs from April 6th to April 5th of the following year. On the other hand, the Israeli tax year runs from January 1st to December 31st. It is important to factor this in when calculating your tax obligations if you plan to spend a significant portion of the year in the UK.

If an Israeli national is resident in the UK for more than 183 days during the tax year, then taxes must be paid on any income earned both within the UK and overseas. Tax rates range from 20% to 45% on income levels ranging from up to £31,865 to over £100,000. Below £10,000 individuals working in the UK will pay no taxes. For more information about your correct tax status visit the revenue and customs section of the UK government website.

Travelling with your pet

If you intend on taking your dog, cat or other small animal with you to the UK from Israel, there are some guidelines that must be followed. You are limited to travelling with a maximum of five animals per person. Each animal must have a microchip inserted, have had a rabies vaccination and have undergone a blood test prior to travelling. You should ensure that you have all the appropriate documentation. Dogs must be treated to prevent tapeworm.

Trade and Investment

In 2013, annual bilateral trade between Israel and the UK rose to exceed £3 billion in goods and more than £2 billion in services. With the exception of the US, the UK is Israel’s largest export market. The goods most traded include pharmaceuticals, machinery and agricultural products. More than 300 Israeli companies have branches in the UK, which is a major driver of international money transfers between the two countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the money transfer companies shown above safe to use?

Yes, all the companies are safe and fully-regulated money transfer services. Each are authorised and regulated by the relevant authority such as the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) in the UK, FinCEN in the US, FinTRAC in Canada or ASIC in Australia.

How long does an international money transfer take?

The speed of delivery will depend on where the money is being from and to and how you are sending and receiving the money. Transfers sent using bank to bank transfers can depend take anywhere from minutes to days and you should check the time estimates from the relevant provider. Debit and credit card payments sometimes allow for faster transfers for smaller amounts.

How do I use FXcompared?

First review the comparison results (such as for a table above) for a given amount of money sending from Israel to UK. Then select a provider based on factors such as price, speed, their rating and click the green button to be taken to their website. From there, you can register and sign up for an account. Once you have done that and the provider has verified your identity to ensure the money can be send safely, you will be ready to transfer money.

What payments methods can I use to send money overseas?

The results shown above are typically for bank to bank transfers. It is possible via some providers to pay in your funds for the transfer via cash, debit or credit cards as well but this is usually reserved for smaller amounts. Some providers also give you different options for how the money will be received - to a bank account (most common), to a debit card, to cash or to a digital or mobile wallet.

What if the price shown above isn’t exactly what I am offered when I try to transfer money?

There can be a number of reasons why the final price you are offered may be different to that shown in the table above. Exchange rates between two currencies change all the time and is the most common reason. Additionally, some providers offer different pricing depending what method you are using to send funds or how the funds will be received. Others may offer you a premium service for faster payments. In some cases FXcompared has a special rate with a provider and this is reserved for first time customers who sign up to the provider starting from FXcompared’s website. As prices do change often, be sure to confirm the total cost with the provider before transferring money.
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Exchange rates update frequently and the pricing shown in the comparison tables is indicative only and based on a first time transfer for a new customer signing up via FXcompared. The pricing does not reflect any special rates individual customers may be offered by a provider, either on sign up or rates for any repeat transfers and there may be other lower priced providers not listed on FXcompared. FXcompared is not an FX trading platform and should not be used to inform any FX trading decisions.

All reviews are prepared by FXcompared. Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer. The information presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review. Check with the providers directly for the most current information.

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