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Currencies Direct

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OFX (prev. UKForex)

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Est. 1979

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World First

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FC Exchange

Est. 2005
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Frequently asked questions

How we calculate the savings


Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the United States have a growing political and economic relationship. In 2004, the UAE and the United States entered into a bilateral Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) to promote increased trade and investment. The two countries are also partners in the Middle East Partnership Initiative, which seeks to reduce remaining trade barriers in the Middle East and promote financial opportunities throughout the region. Currently, there are no limits for Emirati citizens who wish to transfer money from Dubai to the USA.

Visas, work permits and residency

Citizens of the UAE who wish to live or work in the United States must apply for the appropriate visa or be granted permanent resident status. There are many different types of work visas, and they are differentiated by the applicant’s profession and the length of stay allowed. Please refer to the US Embassy site for more detailed information on visas.

For travel or short visits lasting less than 90 days, a visitor or business visa is currently required for Dubai residents. This can be granted after filling out the appropriate online forms and attending an in-person interview at the local American consulate or embassy. For stays over 90 days, an immigrant or non-immigrant visa is required.

Buying property in the US

Purchasing real estate in the US is a relatively easy process, as there are few restrictions for non-citizens who are legally in the United States and wish to own or rent property. However, any buyer purchasing property in America must provide an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to complete the transaction. To obtain an ITIN, the buyer must first apply with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Because the ITIN may take up to five weeks or longer to be approved, it is advisable to plan ahead. Once the ITIN is received, the buyer may then send money from Dubai to the United States to fund their real estate purchase.

As each individual state maintains its own laws regarding real estate purchases, rentals and taxation, it is advisable to obtain the services of a licensed real estate attorney or real estate agent who can advise on regional and federal real estate laws throughout the entire process.


Dubai residents do not pay federal income tax, as the government does not impose a federal income tax on any of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. Because there is no tax treaty in place between the UAE and the US at this time, citizens of the UAE living in the United States must pay tax on their earned income at the same rates as described on the applicable US tax return. For more information on taxation in the US, please refer to the IRS website. However, there are no restrictions for individuals who wish to transfer money from Dubai to the USA to make tax payments.

Studying in the US

Before applying for a study visa to attend an American institution, Emirati students must first apply for and be accepted to a US-based school or program. Once accepted, the school will typically provide all of the documentation necessary for the student to then apply for the appropriate visa.


American healthcare is considered a pay-as-you-go system. Health insurance is the most common way for people to pay for their healthcare, and the majority of Americans receive health insurance through full-time employment. It is advisable for citizens of the UAE who are planning to visit or live in the US to purchase either travel insurance or a short-term health insurance policy. In the US, it is mandatory for everyone to have at least the minimum levels of health insurance or risk facing a yearly tax.

Non-citizens may participate in the two publicly-funded health plans, Medicare and Medicaid, if their income is below the minimum threshold, have lived in the US for at least five years, and have contributed to Medicare/Social Security for at least 10 years.

Importing from Dubai to the US

In 2013, the United Arab Emirates was the 30th largest trading partner of the US, with two-way trade of goods between the countries amounting to US$26.9bn. Imports into the United States from the UAE accounted for US$2.3bn of that total. The UAE continues to pursue free market policies to liberalize trade and investments within the country, with the goal of helping to diversify its oil-reliant economy. In 2004, the UAE and the United States entered into the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), a joint dialogue that seeks to promote continued trade and investment between the countries. In 2012, US foreign direct investment in the UAE increased 11% over the previous year to reach US$7.8bn, while foreign direct investment and money transfers from the UAE into the U.S. decreased by 7.7%, to $1.3 billion.

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