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Top 3 Money Transfer Providers for UAE to UK

Provider Amount To Send Fee Exchange Rate Speed
Currencies Direct Currencies Direct AED 10,000.00 No Fee 0.212 1-3 days more...
TorFX TorFX AED 10,000.00 No Fee 0.212 1-3 days more...
OFX (UK) OFX (UK) AED 10,000.00 No Fee 0.2116 1-3 days more...
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a dense network of both domestic and foreign bank branches, which makes overseas money transfers to the UAE and transferring money from the UAE relatively simple Read More
There are no exchange controls in the UK for the pound sterling (GBP), and transferring money to the UK and sending money from the UK is very easy Read More

Send money from UAE to UK

How to Transfer Money from UAE to UK

UAE to UK Guide

Dubai to UK Summary 

Dubai has become a hugely popular UK expat work destination given the size of the financial services sector, which has attracted skilled immigration. Money flows from Dubai are predominantly composed of repatriated salary, but some money transfers flow the other way given the Emirate’s appeal as an investment holiday destination. To see the best way to transfer money from Dubai to UK, keep reading. 

When converting the Emirati Dirham to Great British Pounds, there are no money transfer restrictions for sending money from Dubai to the UK. To stay in the know, you can see current exchange rates for AED to GBP right here on our site. 

Top 6 Money Transfer Providers

Latest prices for transferring money from UAE to UK
Exchange Rates as of 24 May 2024, 19:45

Currencies Direct

Est. 1996

Great exchange rates | Specialist services | No added fees, 24/7 transfers | Safe and secure

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Amount Received
GBP £2,120.40
AED 378.97
saved vs. banks


Est. 2004

Excellent exchange rates | No transfer fees | Thousands of 5 star reviews 

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
GBP £2,120.40
AED 378.97
saved vs. banks


Est. 1998

OFX (previously UKForex in the UK), provides secure and speedy international money transfers to over 300,000 people in 55 currencies at better-than-bank rates

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Amount Received
GBP £2,116.13
AED 358.97
saved vs. banks

Smart Currency Exchange

Est. 2004
Smart is focused on helping clients to effectively and efficiently send and receive payments internationally
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Amount Received
GBP £2,100.52
AED 285.93
saved vs. banks


Est. 2005

Great rates | One-off payments | Regular transfers | E-Money Institution | No fees for FXcompared customers

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
GBP £2,108.36
AED 322.61
saved vs. banks
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The currency of the United Arab Emirates is the UAE dirham, which also goes by AED. Since 1973, the AED has been in official circulation as the UAE currency, when it replaced a number of currencies found across the Emirati states. The currency is issued by the central bank of the UAE. Given the close connection between the health of the UAE economy and the price of oil, in turn, the price of oil has a significant impact on the value of the AED. For this reason, when traders are looking at when and how to send money from Dubai to UK, oil prices will be a key indicator.

Economic, trading and political relations

The main reason to transfer money from Dubai to UK is the growth of the tourism sector in the UAE, as well as the growing number of expatriate workers living and working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Among the largest employers of UK workers in the UAE are the financial services sector and the airline industry.

As a growing sign of the closer ties between the UK and the UAE, the Dubai to London airline route has been known as one of the busiest in the region. For these reasons, more and more individuals are seeking out ways of sending money from Dubai to UK.

Bank accounts and credit cards

There are a number of prominent UK banks currently operating in the UAE. This includes the likes of Barclays, Standard Chartered, HSBC and RBS. Thankfully, the process of opening an account with any of these providers is typically quite straightforward. Individuals looking for the best way to send money from Dubai to UK have often chosen a simple bank transfer, which will usually give a good dirham to GBP exchange rate. To open an account and transfer money from UAE to UK with any of these banks, you will typically need a valid visa, proof of address and a valid passport.

Top 6 Money Transfer Providers continued...


Est. 1979

One-off payments | Regular payments | Great rates | Safeguarded customer funds

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Amount Received
GBP £2,076.80
AED 174.97
saved vs. banks

Dubai’s links to the UK

Attracted by high salaries and low taxes, many UK professionals have chosen to move to Dubai. According to the British Business Group in Dubai, more than 120,000 British citizens live in Dubai as of 2020. This makes it necessary to send money from Dubai to the UK for a lot of people. To avoid paying hefty fees for these money transfers, see our trusted provider reviews.

Emirates, the flagship airline of Dubai has large numbers of flights between the UK and Dubai. Emirate Airlines is also a very prominent sponsor of sports as part of its efforts to promote Dubai.

Visas and work permits

First things first, there are some mandatory steps to take before you can move to Dubai, so be sure to get on top of them before making any decisions. For UK citizens planning to work in Dubai, they will require both a residence visa and ‘labour card’, which is essentially a work permit. Another non-negotiable, a medical examination will be required as part of the process. 

The process usually looks like this: Residence visas are typically issued first, followed by the labour card which can also be used as an identity card. Although easy to renew, note that sponsored residence visas are only valid for three years. It’s advised for new residents to stay in Dubai and the wider Emirates for the first six months from moving there. 

If you’re interested in moving to Dubai to retire, retirees can apply for a long-term visa of five years if they qualify, but will have to renew it after this period.

Buying property in Dubai

Purchasing property in Dubai can be a more tricky ordeal for expats. Only people who are UAE nationals or citizens of other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are allowed to purchase freehold property in Dubai. 

This means that restrictions apply for UK nationals, who are only allowed to buy property in certain specified locations. With most expats renting, it is important to be aware that tenants must pay to the municipality an annual housing fee equivalent to 5% of the rent.

As for the Dubai property market, prices have been climbing in recent years, with 2022 seeing record-breaking sales for real estate. One of the most expensive cities, with ultra-high rental prices, Dubai is proving to be a popular location for high flying individuals and businesses.


For more information, you can visit our UAE money transfer guide here, or see our money transfer comparison to find the best money transfer providers for your AED to GBP exchanges.

Did you know?

Every UAE dirham is made up of 100 fuloos, which is plural for ‘fils’. Fils are used as a denomination in a number of Middle Eastern currencies, including those found in Kuwait, Iraq and Bahrain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the money transfer companies shown above safe to use?

All of the money transfer companies shown above are fully-regulated transfer services. This means they are completely safe to use from a customer’s perspective. Each of the above companies are fully authorised and licensed to operate in their respective regions.

How long does an international money transfer take?

Ultimately, the speed of delivery will depend on where the money is being sent to, where it is being sent from, and the method you use to send it. Sometimes, transactions can take as little as an afternoon to complete, however, in the majority of cases it will take around 2–3 days in total. Debit and credit card payments can sometimes allow for faster processing times.

How do I use FXcompared?

To start the transfer process, you should first use the review table above to look at the comparison results. Use the criteria displayed above to help you decide on a provider with reference to price, speed and its overall rating. Once you have selected a provider, click the green button above to get taken through to the website. From there, register for an account, making sure to fully verify your identity before attempting any transactions.

What payments methods can I use to send money overseas?

The results displayed above are typically for bank to bank transfers, which is the most common method. Additionally, you might be able to transfer via cash, as well as debit or credit cards. Certain providers may also provide you with different options regarding how you want to receive the funds once processed. This could include cash, debit or credit card, as well as digital wallets.

What if the price shown above isn’t exactly what I am offered when I try to transfer money?

It is important to note that the price displayed above may not always be the most accurate price. Most often, the reason for the fluctuation is simply due to the rise and fall of prices on the live currency markets. Prices may also change depending on the individual provider. Make sure to confirm the price you are offered before completing a transaction.

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