Hacks for transferring money in and out of Europe

While there’s no doubting the fact that the international money transfers industry has undergone a major boom over the last two decades, there are still some issues that people wanting to make cross-border payments must contend with. Like the issue of whether the money transfer company you’re thinking of will really work for your specific requirements.
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Caribbean Destination Wedding - Guide to Jamaica

Jamaica’s vast, natural beauty and diverse landscape make it one of the top travel destinations in the world. With its world-class beaches and world-famous reggae music scene, and warm weather, this island nation offers a Caribbean destination wedding experience that’s irresistible to many couples.
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Danang Vietnam - Retirement Guide

With one of the nicest climates in Southeast Asia, a high quality of life, clean streets and a modern infrastructure, Da Nang is increasingly a popular option for retirees on a tight budget looking for a safe, pleasant place to live.
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Retiring to Valencia, Spain

Valencia’s popularity with expatriates and retirees has grown significantly in recent years. Located on the eastern coast of Spain, Valencia offers all the vibrancy and appeal of a major metropolis, but at a much lower cost than Barcelona or Madrid.
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Retiring to Chiang Mai, Thailand

For many retirees, warm, tropical locales in the United States and Europe are just not as financially viable as they were in the not terribly distant past. If you’re looking for a sunny spot to retire that won’t break the bank, we encourage you to look to the East and explore Chiang Mai, Thailand!
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Getting Married Abroad - Croatia

Croatia’s diverse landscape makes it easy for couples to find the perfect fit for their special day. The country’s rich history and mixture of urban and rural settings makes it an excellent choice for a destination wedding.
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Retiring to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico

Approximately one million American retirees make their home in Mexico, and of those, about 12,000 choose to live in San Miguel de Allende. While San Miguel de Allende can be more expensive than many other locations in Mexico, the favorable usd-peso exchange rate can help to offset the higher cost of living.
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Buying Wine Overseas

Buying wine overseas, whether as an investment or simply for the pleasure of collecting and sampling good wine, has long been an attractive international purchase, particularly for wine enthusiasts. Buying good wine at a fair price or securing a decent return on oenological investment, however, requires significant research and preparation.
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