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Destination weddings have grown increasingly popular over the past 20 years, and it’s easy to understand why. Exotic, picturesque, and romantic locations, paired with the ability to entertain guests in a variety of unique and exciting ways, make destination weddings well worth the extensive planning needed to successfully pull one off.

Surprisingly, couples often cite keeping costs down as one of their main reasons for choosing a destination wedding. A recent Brides magazine study found that the average cost of a destination wedding was $23,800, more than $3,000 less than the $27,000 price tag for the average non-destination wedding.

Why Have a Jamaican Wedding?

Jamaica’s vast, natural beauty and diverse landscape make it one of the top travel destinations in the world. From its world-class beaches and world-famous reggae music scene, to its delicious cuisine and laid-back atmosphere, this island nation offers a Caribbean destination wedding experience that’s irresistible to many couples.

Not only are there a wide range of options for the wedding itself, from moderate and low-key settings to upscale resorts and posh private villas with their own security teams, housekeeping and wait staff, and chefs on-site to cater to the wedding party’s every need, but the country’s diverse landscape, featuring pristine and picture-perfect beaches, lush rainforests, and the beautiful Blue Mountains range, means couples should easily be able to find the location, setting, and price that best meets their needs.

Wedding guests will enjoy the diversity of activities, as well. Jamaica offers a little something for everyone, from sunbathing on one of the island’s many pristine beaches, to something a little more adventurous, like hiking on one of the lush Blue Mountains trails or trekking through the rainforest. And, if the wedding is in or near Jamaica’s lively capital city, Kingston, culturally-minded guests will have access to vibrant restaurants and nightlife, as well as museums, galleries, salons and spas, and plenty of shopping.

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Planning and Budgeting for the Big Day

Caribbean destination weddings are growing in popularity, as are destination weddings in general, and that means planning ahead—and making decisions early—can be crucial to not only securing the location of your choice, but also getting the best deals.

It’s typical for resorts and other wedding venues to get booked up to 18 months in advance. This means you’ll need to start researching early in the wedding-planning process to ensure you’ll be able to secure your venue of choice, the restaurant and/or catering needs, accommodations for both you and your guests, and flights. Planning a wedding is a lot to handle on its own, and adding international travel to the mix only increases the complexity.

It’s common for resorts and hotels in the destination wedding business to offer couples special discounts, package deals, or other types of amenities. These can range from free or upgraded rooms, a free one-year anniversary stay, discounts on room rates (often, only if the couple can guarantee an agreed-upon number of guests will rent rooms at the hotel for the wedding), or a discounted, all-inclusive charge that covers the wedding itself, food, rooms, and even extra credit at the resort’s shops, bars, and restaurants.

Not only will you need to figure out how you’ll finance your Jamaican wedding, you’ll also want to help your guests by providing useful information about traveling to a foreign country, and their best options for securing Jamaican currency or for financing their trip. Working with a currency specialist with specific knowledge of the Jamaican monetary system can help both you and your guests to find the safest and most cost-effective methods for acquiring Jamaican dollars, or for sending an international money transfer to Jamaica.

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How to Finance your Jamaican Wedding

A Caribbean destination wedding takes research and planning. One of the most important things you’ll have to plan for is how you’ll pay for it. Most likely you’ll need to send at least one money transfer, and possibly several, depending on your wedding arrangements and how you plan to pay.

While some wedding packages include costs for all services into one lump sum, meaning you only make one payment to one business, in many cases you’ll have to arrange to pay numerous parties, including the hotel or resort where you’ll be staying, caterers, florists, and any other services you plan to have.

Fortunately, Jamaica has an open foreign exchange market and doesn’t apply any restrictions to incoming or outgoing international fund transfers. It’s easy to obtain currency through the country’s formal currency market, and the Jamaican dollar is fully convertible. Tourists can also carry the Jamaican currency freely, with no restrictions on how much they can carry in or out of the country at one time.

From large, lump-sum payments for your accommodations, travel, and the wedding itself, to knowing the best ways to obtain the local currency for a day of shopping, working with an international FX broker that specializes in the Jamaican markets will help you to find the best transfer exchange rates and the lowest fees for your currency needs.

Use a Money Transfer Specialist for Smoothest Planning

It makes sense to look at FX brokers and international currency transfer providers when you’re researching money transfer options for your wedding, and finding one that specializes in sending money to Jamaica can help you avoid costly fees. They often offer better exchange rates, lower transfer fees, and low or no sending restrictions, compared to traditional banks.

It’s easy to find one these days using FXcompared.  On our website, access free currency tools, country guides, and useful stats and research on the international financial markets. Knowing how you’ll pay for your Jamaican destination wedding will help make your planning easier, and potentially save you money, too.

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