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PayPal engineer develops RaiBlocks checkout app

Daniel Brain, PayPal’s lead engineer of Checkout, has created BrainBlocks, a simple app for handling RaiBlocks cryptocurrency checkouts and money transfers. For a long time, Bitcoin has been confronted with the problem of not being able to handle a large volume of money transfers. In fact, that number can be rather limited. To make matters worse, some of these transactions can take hours to come through, and users are charged around $15 for every transaction.
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Alipay moving into US retail

Alipay recently announced a partnership with French clothing brand Lacoste that will let shoppers use Alipay to make purchases in certain US retail stores. The international payments platform will be the exclusive partner of Lacoste, using Verifone technology to enable Alipay QR code payments at mobile point of sale terminals (mPOS) in retail outlets.
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MoneyGram and Ripple announce test partnership

Blockchain company Ripple has announced a partnership with funds transfer powerhouse MoneyGram. The agreement represents a significant shift, as MoneyGram will be one of the first to implement the use of XRP, Ripple's digital currency, in its services. XRP has faced serious questions about its practicality, despite its rapid increase in value.
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New Year brings new options for remittances to Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has announced a major change in the way money transfers from overseas workers are handled. According to officials, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is partnering with other financial institutions to make it easier for Pakistanis to access funds from international transfers via their mobile devices.
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Research predicts surge in 2018 mobile money transfers

A new study has found that the number of people using mobile money transfer services will increase significantly this year, eventually reaching 2.5 billion global users by year's end. This is up from the estimated 1.7 billion mobile transfer users in 2016.
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BBVA delivers with its complete omni-digital solution

Over 50% of BBVA customers bank online. Six of the bank's core countries Argentina, Chile, Turkey, United States and Venezuela 50% of the customer base bank online. BBVA restructures its business to adapt to open banking, delivering a digital platform of services that matches fintech competitors
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Western Union looks to improve Jamaican user experience

Western Union, along with GraceKennedy Money Services, the company's agent in Jamaica and across the Caribbean, has announced that users can now send international money transfers using their debit cards, as well as an expansion of their cash to account service.
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Alipay promises changes after privacy backlash

Recent public outcry has prompted Chinese remittance provider Alipay to promise sweeping changes to the way the company handles users' personal data. Earlier this week, a digital spending profile that uses Alipay customers' mobile purchase history went live, sparking outrage among users who accused the company of burying its customer data permissions in fine print.
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MoneyGram and Alipay merger scrapped

Originally intended to simplify buying and selling across borders, a proposed merger between US-based money transfers firm MoneyGram and the parent company of China’s Alipay, Ant Financial, has been officially abandoned.
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