Real-estate entrepreneur Mouna Ayoub auctions 252 haute couture items


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  • Real-estate entrepreneur Mouna Ayoub is making headlines with her decision to auction off her collection of Chanel haute couture pieces.
  • The auction, which will be conducted by Maurice Auction in Paris, is expected to be a sensational event, with one embroidered evening coat alone estimated to fetch between €150,000 and €200,000.
  • Wealthy individuals looking to purchase items in the auction should use a safe mode of money transfer when making international payments.

Mouna Ayoub, a real-estate entrepreneur and an avid fan of haute couture, has decided to part ways with the pinnacle of her extensive collection: 252 exquisite pieces of Chanel haute couture created by the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

These items represent Lagerfeld’s most grandiose creations during his peak years, and now they are set to be auctioned off to other fashion enthusiasts and collectors.

Ayoub, a Lebanese-born former waitress who married a billionaire Saudi Arabian businessman, was once forbidden from wearing revealing garments.

As a result, her couture wardrobe remained untouched, stored in a magnificent glass-walled closet. The pieces will be available to fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With a deep passion for the art of haute couture, Ayoub describes the experience of being fitted for these exquisite creations as her idea of heaven.

Chanel has remained a global powerhouse in the luxury fashion industry since its inception and remains one of the most attractive labels for high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and luxury collectors.

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Even after parting ways with her beloved Chanel items, Ayoub will still possess about 2,500 haute couture pieces.

Ayoub plans to donate part of the proceeds from the public auction sale to Fondation des Femmes, an organisation dedicated to women’s rights and the fight against violence.

Another reason for the auction is to make space for more items in her closet, which demonstrates her deep appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of haute couture.

Ayoub’s passion for haute couture goes beyond personal style – she sees it as a way to reward the dedicated artisans who create these masterpieces and preserve the exceptional craftsmanship that is often overlooked in fast fashion.

Ayoub has been captivated by couture since placing her first order in 1990, and her love for the exquisite designs of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel has only grown stronger over the years.

HNWIs visiting the auction, which will commence on Monday 20 November, will find a wide array of suits, dresses, jewellery, shoes and belts – some of these pieces took up to 800 hours of handwork to create.

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