Canadian fintech partnership facilitating cross-border payments

Central 1 Ventures and Agility Forex just signed what Central 1 calls a “strategic partnership,” according to a press release dated July 12, 2018. The move will make international money transfers rather cheap, with Central 1 noting that they can even be at zero cost. The partnership will provide a competitive advantage to credit unions in Canada and will widen Agility Forex’s reach in the country.
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Get the most bang for your bucks by using a currency exchange provider to send money home

Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians can gain a temporary visa to work over the border in the USA, improving skills and job prospects. However, the future of these visas hangs in the balance as President Trump threatens to rip up the NAFTA; the very foundation on which these temporary visas exist. Save money when transferring Canadian dollars back home and use a currency exchange provider.
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Instant Money Transfer to India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines is QicSEND Latest Addition to its Services

Whilst some operators, such as Moneycorp and Xpress Money are now focusing their expansion plans to South America, QicSEND – a Toronto based global money transfer and payment platform – is aiming to supplement an additional $6 billion remittance market for the company bringing its instant and guaranteed money transfer service to India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. With this expansion QicSEND customers can now send instant money transfers anytime and anywhere online to family and friends to more than 30 countries worldwide.
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