British expats turn their back on the Costa del Sol in favour of ‘authentic’ Spanish regions


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  • Rising house prices, scorching summers and the oversaturation of Brits have prompted a growing number of expats to abandon the popular Costa del Sol region.
  • An increasing number of expats have begun to buy property in formerly ‘unfashionable’ regions such as Navarre, La Rioja and Castile and León.
  • Digital nomads living in Spain are looking to earn a foreign salary while working from home in towns and villages in the Spanish countryside.

An increasing number of British expats are foregoing the popular Costa del Sol in favour of less expensive, culturally rich regions in the Spanish countryside.

At a time when house prices are rapidly rising in the Costa del Sol, many expats are choosing to buy property in previously unfashionable regions, such as Navarre, La Rioja and Castile and León, which offer scenic vistas and cheaper price tags.

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The ‘golden mile’ of major wineries in Castile and León is also proving to be a draw for British nationals looking to relocate.

Cost of living is also an important factor, as the main Spanish property hotspots such as Marbella, Barcelona and Madrid become increasingly expensive.

In 2022, it was reported that 14% of all property in Spain was bought by foreigners, the highest rate in just over a decade. Seven years after Brexit, the British remain the biggest international buyers of property in Spain, owning 10.87% of all homes bought by foreigners.

While more and more expats have begun to explore the interior of Spain, the most popular areas for buyers still remain the Canary Islands, Valencia and the Balearics.

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