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  • AltPay set to work alongside ONPEX, which is an IBAN accounts provider with operations across the globe
  • The new partnership will focus on sharing some of the ONPEX platform’s functions with AltPay
  • “With its efficient and easy-to-use universal solution, it will be helping us achieve a sustainable organic growth rate while increasing the quality of the services we provide to our customers”, AltPay CEO says of ONPEX

A leading British e-money firm has announced that it work alongside an international IBAN accounts service to offer a new and more sophisticated cross border payments service to its users.

AltPay, which is an e-wallet provider for business, will now collaborate with ONPEX to provide new payment solutions to customers around the world – and also to help develop its own plans for growth.

The new collaboration will see AltPay move towards using ONPEX’s platform, which is centred around application programming interfaces (APIs).

Some of the functions of this platform will be brought into ONPEX’s own. 

It will also begin to offer international money transfer in more than 20 global currencies to its users.

ONPEX was first set-up in 2013, meaning that this particular milestone is a relatively recent one in its history.

The firm, which was launched in Luxembourg, is cloud-based and offers a wide range of other services in addition to multi-currency IBAN services. 

It also provides money transfer functions and foreign exchange capacity.

According to Artjoms Dozorcevs, who is the founder and serves as CEO of AltPay, the firm aims to make the most of ONPEX’s “cost-efficient and convenient” services. 

“ONPEX was recommended to us by several trusted sources”, he explained in a statement released to the press.

“With its efficient and easy-to-use universal solution, it will be helping us achieve a sustainable organic growth rate while increasing the quality of the services we provide to our customers. Its solutions are cost-efficient and convenient, enabling our customers to trade across the globe, whether it’s within the EEA, Asia, or the USA.”

For ONPEX, CEO Christoph Tutsch said that the goal was “a higher customer flow”.

“The partnership has been mutually beneficial”, he said. 

“We are confident we can help the company reach its growth plans. So far, the integration phase is going smoothly. We aim to generate a higher customer flow for AltPay when ONPEX’s solutions are available to its customer base.”

This is not the first time that ONPEX has offered up its own services for integration with those of other providers.

It announced recently, for example, that it would be working alongside a firm called Intergiro to improve cross border payments.

In that case, it intended to offer its Payment-as-a-Service (also known as PaaS) platform. 

To find out more about the way the online money transfer industry is growing and what other organisations such as AltPay are getting up to, just head over to our news pages.

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