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Founded in 1998, PayPal (PYPL) is a digital payments services firm that provides customers a way to make online money transfers and fx international payments in over 200 countries and a number of currencies. PayPal has handled over 18 billion transactions totaling more than a trillion dollars in payments, for services ranging from receiving and making payments, to withdrawing funds and paying for goods or services. The company currently has over 165 million active customer accounts, and offers its services to both individual and business clients through its online platform, on mobile devices, or in its stores.

Formerly part of eBay Inc. (EBAY), PayPal (PYPL) departed from eBay in July 2015. Additionally, in July 2015, PayPal acquired digital money transfer company Xoom Corporation. This acquisition has accelerated PayPal’s entrance into the international transfer market.

PayPal Products for Individuals

PayPal gives individuals a safe, fast, and cost-effective way to make funds transfers and payments. PayPal’s secure payments platform gives individuals the ability to connect with businesses and with other professionals in over 200 countries across the globe to send money or make payments quickly and securely.

PayPal customers can make payments quickly and seamlessly on websites, through PayPal’s app, or in person at a store. PayPal’s digital transfer and payments system is fast, secure, and provides a low-cost way for sending or receiving payments in countries and currencies across the globe. PayPal account holders also have a number of ways to receive funds, including into their local bank account, to their PayPal account, or to a PayPal credit card or prepaid MasterCard®.

PayPal also offers a number of incentives and deals with national and global retailers, including discounts with selected retailers and the ability to add cash to an account from retail locations, set up automatic transfers from your bank account to your PayPal account, establish a line of credit through PayPal Credit, and even donate through the PayPal Giving Fund.

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PayPal Products for Businesses

PayPal’s business clients can use PayPal’s secure online systems to enact a number of global business operations. The company offers a range of services to businesses, including PayPal Online Payments, PayPal Mobile Payments, PayPal Working Capital, and PayPal Online Invoicing.

These services help businesses to better manage their global payments and expenses by providing low-cost, secure and reliable money transfer, billing, and payment services. PayPal’s business solutions give corporations and enterprises the ability to make domestic or international currency transfers to other businesses or to independent professionals and freelancers in their local currency.

PayPal also offers qualified business customers business loans through the PayPal Working Capital program. The Working Capital program offers a flexible payment schedule based on the customer’s PayPal Sales amounts, and customers are able to sign up and receive approval within minutes. And because approval is contingent on the customer’s PayPal Sales account, no credit check is required. Customers also avoid paying periodic interest on the loan amount, as PayPal sets a one-time, fixed fee that the customer agrees to before signing the loan contract.

About PayPal

Based in San Jose, CA with offices worldwide, PayPal is a global online payments system provider offering individuals, independent professionals, small businesses, and large corporations the ability to transfer money and make international payments to over 200 countries and in multiple currencies. Customers can send money or have money sent directly to their bank account, to their PayPal account, or to a PayPal-linked credit card.

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