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Founded in 2015 and based in Chicago, Pangea Money Transfer is a global remittances firm currently providing money transfer services to individuals wishing to send or receive money throughout Latin America and the US. The company specializes in sending money from the US to Mexico and other Latin American countries, with thousands of cash pickup locations making it easy for customers to send and receive cash to family and friends. Pangea offers highly competitive exchange rates, low transaction fees, and low sending minimums. Customers are able to quickly establish a free account through Pangea’s online system, and transfers can be funded with a debit or credit card.

Fees & Exchange Rate

Pangea charges a low, flat fee and is committed to finding and securing the most favorable exchange rates for customer transactions. Overall, most reviewers were pleased with the fee structure for their transaction, as well as the exchange rate they received. Reviews for the cost of doing business with Pangea were almost uniformly favorable. We could find no negative comments about the company’s fees, and only one review claiming that they weren’t pleased with the rate they received for the transfer. Despite this one negative review, reviewers gave the company high marks for Pangea’s ability to keep fees low and find favorable rates.

Global Reach / Currencies Available

Pangea’s focus is on sending money to and from Latin American countries, and based on customer reviews, it seemed to perform this function admirably. Customers were pleased with the company’s reach throughout South and Central America, and liked the amount of currencies available for transfer. Overall, Pangea customers were pleased with the company’s global reach and ability to send and receive funds in local currencies.

pangea money transfer latin america review

Transaction Ease

Pangea’s reviews were consistently positive for its ability to provide a seamless, hassle-free process for sending money domestically and abroad. Reviewers liked the easy-to-use mobile app and several commented on a customer service team that made it easier for them to find the answers they were looking for before committing to sending money. A few reviewers stated that Pangea’s mobile app made it easier for them to submit orders, track transfers, and keep informed, even while traveling or working.

Transaction Timing

Pangea customers seemed satisfied with the company’s ability to send funds for quick delivery into a bank account, or for cash pick-up. Overall, reviews were positive, though there were a few reviewers claiming the funds took longer to arrive at their recipient destination than Pangea had claimed it would take. Most reviewers, however, had only positive things to say about the company’s ability to send money securely and efficiently.

Online Offering

Customers find Pangea's website easy to navigate and transferring money online is not considered to be challenging. There were a few reviews that mentioned the company’s website as ‘well-organized’ and ‘easy to find information’ but the bulk of reviews were for the Pangea mobile app.

Overall Customer Service / Helplines / Help centers

Pangea received consistently high praise from customers for its customer service and the level of support it provides for its customers. Reviewers liked how quickly staff responded to their queries, and one reviewer wrote that Pangea’s customer service helped them feel more ‘confident’ about their transaction. Overall, Pangea customers liked the service they received.

Other products

Pangea’s mobile app gives customers an easy, secure method for sending money or making global payments from their mobile device. Customers gave its design and ease of use high marks in both the Google Play store and in the Apple store. The app has received over 300 reviews in the Google Play store and has a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars. Pangea’s focus is on sending money quickly and cost-effectively from a mobile device, not on providing additional financial services. Reviews for the company focused on the mobile app, and its design and ease of use, and almost all reviewers gave positive feedback.

Overall Summary

Pangea doesn’t have as many reviews as some of the larger transfer service providers, but the reviews it has are excellent. Generally, customers liked all aspects of Pangea’s money transfer service, from the low, fixed-fee structure to the speed and security of sending funds through Pangea’s mobile app or its website. Overall, reviewers gave Pangea four- and five-star reviews for its service, with one commenter claiming that the company even followed through on its referral program, giving the customer cash for referring business to them.


Contact Information

Pangea Money Transfer

Business Address: 400 N State St, Ste 300 Chicago, IL 60654 USA 

Business Phone: 866-858-9928 

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