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How to Transfer Money from Saudi Arabia to UAE


Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a strong relationship with extensive cultural and political ties. As member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Saudi Arabia and the UAE have agreements allowing open travel and trade across their borders and between their citizens. The Saudi riyal is fully convertible and there are few restrictions on international money transfers from Saudi Arabia to the UAE.


Since Saudi Arabia is a member of the GCC, Saudi nationals do not require visas to live or work in the UAE. This is the same for citizens of several other countries, including the US, the UK, and countries in Western Europe and the Pacific Rim. However, citizens of Pakistan and India do not share this exemption. In order to get a tourist visa for the UAE, non-exempted nationals must present a sponsorship letter from a citizen of the UAE or a UAE-based company. A tourist visa is generally valid for up to 60 days and will permit the holder to vacation, visit family or conduct business during their stay.

Those planning on conducting business in the UAE over the long-term you will require a multi-entry visa or may also obtain a residence visa, which allows an individual to work and live in the UAE for an extended period of time. This category of permit requires sponsorship by a family member or an employer. More information for Saudis living and working in the UAE can be found at the website of the Saudi Consulate.

Working in the UAE

Saudis are the largest group of non-Emirati Arabs in the UAE and their numbers continue to grow each year. In 2007, there were approximately 5,000 Saudi nationals living and working in the UAE. They are mostly employed in the areas of law, shipping, medicine and insurance.

Money transfer regulations

Although there are few restrictions on overseas money transfers in the UAE, they do have strict reporting standards for cross-border money transfers. In an effort to combat money laundering, wire transfers exceeding AED 100,000 must be declared.


The UAE has excellent health care services with modern medical facilities, which are easily accessible for locals as well as for expats. Saudi nationals in the UAE should make sure that they have medical insurance. In most cases these costs are covered by an employer.


One of the major factors that draws a number of expats to the UAE is that there is no enforced federal income tax legislation for general business. The cost of living in the UAE, however, is quite high.

Banking and money

Banking in the UAE is simple and sophisticated, with a multitude of local and international banks from which to choose. A common practice for expats is to choose a bank associated with their home country or with which they already have an associated account.

Expats to the UAE may consider opening an offshore account with an international bank; this may be instrumental in securing salary savings in the event of death. It is a common practice is for the government of the UAE to freeze all the assets of an expat until all debts have been cleared.

Defense cooperation

As member states of the GCC, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are involved in the union’s defense planning council, which is responsible for the coordination of the military units for each country. Both were also involved in the creation of the Peninsula Shield Force, a joint military operation based in Saudi Arabia.

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