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Est. 1990


Venstar Products for Individuals

Venstar’s personal advisors work with individual clients to create customized solutions that suit their particular foreign exchange transaction needs. Whether for paying tuition internationally, relocating to another country, sending money to friends and family abroad, making payments on overseas property, or collecting funds from trusts, wills, estates, or inheritance, Venstar’s advisors are on hand to support clients throughout the entire process at no additional charge.

Venstar Exchange aims to help individual clients find timely and economical solutions to meet their specific money transfer needs, whether sending and receiving wire transfers, ordering cash for travel, executing spot transactions to happen immediately, or forward transactions to be executed at some point in the future. Venstar also offers clients the option of exchanging at their own rate through fill orders.

Venstar Products for Businesses

Venstar provides solutions for a variety of businesses with foreign exchange needs, from import and export companies, companies in the real estate sector, international businesses, and NGOs. Venstar offers customized international currency transactions for companies at the lowest exchange rates, with no added commission or fees, and works to simplify the process every step of the way. For international businesses, Venstar offers worldwide payment solutions customized to the particular industry. They help corporate clients to manage risks and navigate fluctuating exchange rates.

Venstar offers spot transactions, forward transactions, and fill orders for corporate clients as well, in addition to market forecasting and advisory services. For companies interested in white label or branded agreements, Venstar has an affiliate and referral program, which gives companies the option of having their clients register and deal directly with Venstar for all of their transactions. This involves no additional set-up costs for the company and allows the corporate client to shift liability for all transactions to Venstar rather than assuming it themselves.

About Venstar

Venstar Exchange was established in 1990 in Los Angeles, growing to become one of the leading money transfer businesses in the US market. They remain focused on providing clients fully customizable and personalized service for international money transfers.

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