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RationalFX Products for Individuals

#RationalFX helps individual clients in a variety of capacities, from regular and one-off money transfers online, to moving money for emigration and making payments for tuition or for property and mortgages. They offer forward contracts for individuals looking to trade at a fixed exchange rate for as long as two years, and stop and limit orders, which enable clients to automate currency trades and take advantage of fluctuating rates. RationalFX also has particular expertise in Indian Rupee forward contracts.

RationalFX promises faster transfers than banks with the same level of security. Clients can save substantially on currency transfers with Rational. Their regular payment service offers low fee transactions and competitive exchange rates. This plan is best suited for paying utility bills overseas, paying on mortgages in a foreign country or paying international tuition fees, among other things.

RationalFX Products for Businesses

RationalFX has a dedicated business development team whose sole purpose is to provide business clients with timely forex and currency transfer services. They help corporate clients with a variety of services, including international payments, currency hedging, wire transfers, risk management, and fx strategy and dealing.

Wire transfers with RationalFX are fast, secure and economical. They are members of the SWIFT network and will wire your funds to almost any bank, worldwide. Rational charges no transfer fees or commission. They offer a variety of products to protect the best interest of their clients. A dedicated dealer will outline your fx transfer patterns to determine whether you need products for regular international payments or one-off lump sums and tailor products to your particular needs. Businesses can choose from among spot contracts, forward contracts or limit orders.

About RationalFX

RationalFX was established in 2005 as a private forex services company. They are authorized by the FCA and to date have transferred over $5 billion for their clients. They offer a multilingual online payment system for approximately 20,000 private and corporate clients. RationalFX was among the first forex brokers to offer an online payment system and they are also the owners of the money transfer site, Xendpay.

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