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  • Verto, which is a business-to-business provider of online money transfer services, has announced that it will start to offer services in multiple currencies around the world as part of a push towards a better payments offer.
  •  The new arrangement will let firms send and recieve money in 190 locations across the globe, and funds can be held in more than 50 currencies.
  • “Effective multi-currency solutions are imperative to supporting and driving international business across borders, especially in emerging market economies,” said a senior figure at Verto in remarks to the press.

Verto, a provider of foreign exchange services in the online money transfer, sector has confirmed that it will begin to provide multi-currency services around the globe.

The provider, which operates in the business-to-business sector and has a strong focus on foreign exchange, will allow firms to send and accept money in 190 locations around the world.

They will also be able to hold funds in more than 50 currencies, it is believed.

In a statement, a senior figure at Verto explained what the company’s global account solutions offer could provide to firms and sellers based in Britain.

Chief executive officer Ola Oyetayo said that it could help with various forms of expansion that firms might have planned.

“With our Global Account solutions, we now support businesses and merchants across the UK, US, Europe and emerging markets who need access to foreign account capabilities in neighbouring countries for regional and global expansion."

“Effective multi-currency solutions are imperative to supporting and driving international business across borders, especially in emerging market economies,” he explained.

Oyetayo also said that firms that were “left behind” and didn’t have access to the financial services they need ought to be helped.

“Businesses who are often left behind and without access to the financial services industry by traditional incumbents, need to be equipped with the ability to send and receive payments flexibly, accessibly and seamlessly,” he explained.

Verto, which is based in London and claims to have more than 7,000 customers, has been undergoing a period of change in recent times.

The company was given an injection of cash in September of last year when it received US$10m in Series A funding.

The new move therefore marks a continued milestone in the company’s ongoing development.

In his remarks, Oyetayo went on to identify how this newly emboldened Verto brand would help when it came to improving business experience.

“Our new Global Account solutions give businesses innovative multi-currency services on the receiving end, strengthening Verto’s pay-in capabilities,” he said.


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