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  • Extension of pairing will mean better access to TransferMate services through AccountsIQ
  • Aim is to save users cash, and to ensure they receive an efficient money transfer service
  • “A key driver of TransferMate’s growth is deep strategic partnerships with accounting software providers, and we are really excited to be working with AccountsIQ to bring this product to their customers”, says TransferMate spokesperson

Leading cross border payments provider TransferMate has announced that it will work alongside business intelligence firm AccountsIQ to improve its payments service.

AccountsIQ, which is a cloud accounting solution which also offers functions like business intelligence, will extend the scope of its integration with TransferMate’s services.

TransferMate is a business to business payments service.

Thanks to its application programming interface (API) kit, cross border payments can now be launched through the AccountsIQ dashboard.

It removes the need for manual reconciliation to take place, and also offers further time savings by requiring just one log in – rather than several, as is often the case with other providers.

Signing up for the new service is expected to be easy.

It is also expected that a large sign-up drive will occur thanks to the ability of TransferMate to assess how much cash users could save if they join.

In a statement, TransferMate’s Chief Product Officer Gary Conroy said that “deep strategic partnerships” were a core reason for the growth.

“With a growing global customer base, more AccountsIQ users are calling out for a simpler, faster and more cost-effective foreign currency payments solution”, he said.

“By integrating TransferMate’s capabilities with AccountsIQ software, we can now streamline the process of making FX payments from within the AccountsIQ platform.

“A key driver of TransferMate’s growth is deep strategic partnerships with accounting software providers, and we are really excited to be working with AccountsIQ to bring this product to their customers”, he added.

For AccountsIQ, Chief Operating Officer Darren Cran said that the move was one step closer to the organisation “fulfilling our mission”.

“Our philosophy at AccountsIQ is to help ease the burden of processing transactions for finance teams while making an impact on their bottom line”, he said.

“We’re delighted that this partnership will help to save our clients both time and money by simplifying processes and reducing fees.

“By integrating TransferMate’s leading technology, we are fulfilling our mission to provide a comprehensive and innovative accounting and business intelligence platform”, he added.

TransferMate works in over 150 countries, and also operates in well over 100 currencies.

It works alongside a range of financial technology firms to deliver lower exchange rates and more.

It has received investment from a range of backers, including ING Group NV.

This firm was part of a group of backers which altogether invested over €50m in TransferMate.

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