Trading platform partners with Thunes for better cross border payments


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  • Global eTrade Services, or GeTS, will work alongside Thunes as part of the new partnership
  • Aim is for cross border payments to be more effective and transparent when GeTS customers use its innovative supply chain management tool
  • "We are delighted to have Thunes joining CALISTA(TM) and providing a crucial payment capability that is fully integrated with our existing platform”, said a GeTS spokesperson

A major worldwide trade platform firm has paired up with a cross border payments service to enhance its services for customers who use its supply chain management software packages.

Global eTrade Services, or GeTS, announced that it would work alongside Thunes to deliver better online money transfer services to customers.

Those who will benefit will be GeTS customers who use a platform called CALISTA.

This platform helps firms to work out their supply chains, and to optimise them effectively – and ensure that they adhere to rules around compliance and logistics.

Thunes will add extra value to this existing service by ensuring that both those paying out and those receiving cash in a supply chain will be able to see the status of the transactions.

Given that over 20 million transactions go through CALISTA every year, there is a clear need for the system to have this added layer of transparency.

Thunes, like several of the leading names on the money transfer scene, is based in Singapore.

It currently operates in over 80 economies around the world and is able to deal with over 60 currencies.

In a statement, Chong Kok Keong – who is the chief executive officer of GeTS – said that the offer from Thunes would be “fully integrated” into the GeTS service.

"We are delighted to have Thunes joining CALISTA(TM) and providing a crucial payment capability that is fully integrated with our existing platform”, he said.

“Thunes has a leading payment network that enables the flow of funds in and out of ASEAN. This partnership allows our customers to enhance their payment efficiency and improves the transparency of transactions.”

He added that the newly agreed partnership with Thunes was just one more reason for customers to pick his firm over others in the field.

“This is another initiative to further strengthen CALISTA(TM) as the platform of choice for our customers to orchestrate their logistics, compliance and financing requirements for cross border trade”, he added.

For Thunes, CCO Aik-Boon Tan said the firm was “very excited” about the new partnership.

"Thunes is very excited to work with GeTS to further develop CALISTA(TM) and enhance its leading position”, he said.

“This partnership underlines Thunes' commitment to Singapore and building a highly secure and efficient payment ecosystem that helps to create more opportunities for everyone. Being able to expand this network signifies Thunes' credibility with existing clients and with this partnership now with the logistics industry", he added.

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