Sparkle set to work with Visa for Nigerian payments


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  • Sparkle, which is a multi-vertical business offering financial and lifestyle-related services, will collaborate with Visa to provide a range of payments services for shopping.
  • Cross-border payments will also form part of the new product offering, with customers in Nigeria able to accept payments from Visa card users all around the world.
  • The founder of the firm, Uzoma Dozie, said that he was pleased to be working to improve the payment offers available to e-commerce customers.

A digital brand in Nigeria has announced a collaboration with Visa designed to boost payment service options for customers.

Sparkle, which was described in press reports as a “digital ecosystem” focusing on a range of verticals such as business and lifestyle, will work with the financial multinational in a strategic partnership.

Sparkle’s customers will soon find that they have enhanced payment capabilities in their accounts, including the option to make payments that are in-app instead of going to a separate payment point.

This service will be provided via an embedded online Visa card that appears digitally in the app.

In addition, customers will benefit from physical payment options in the form of a Visa card that is associated with their Sparkle account.

This will mean that they can use a QR code to pay for products, or even pay in a physical store by giving their mobile telephone number.

However, one of the main benefits for customers will be the options for international money transfers.

Customers will have the option to accept online money transfers from abroad sent by loved ones.

The cash will be transferred straight into the recipient’s Sparkle account.

The senders will, however, have to be Visa card users themselves in order to be able to use the service.

Sparkle’s founder Uzoma Dozie used a press statement to say that his firm’s collaboration with Visa was set to improve customers’ payment options.

“Our partnership with Visa will bring a wide range of benefits to Sparkle’s customers, individuals, entrepreneurs, and SMEs,” he said.

He said that e-commerce looked set to change as a result of the collaboration – down in part to the role of data.

“We are excited to work with Visa as we strive to re-define e-commerce by removing barriers to business using technology and data,” he said.

He added that his firm would be able to create custom experiences for customers thanks to the power that Visa has to build unique service offers.

“Working with a global partner like Visa allows us to deliver a bespoke and personalised service for our customers by tapping into large networks so they can fulfil their full potential,” he explained.

Otto Williams, who is a senior vice president at Visa, said that his firm and Sparkle were likely to make a good pair.

“Visa is a natural partner for fintechs including Sparkle, providing them with new ways to reach their customers through Visa’s vast network and global scale,” he said.

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