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  • The new arrangement will see BBVA Transfer Services (BTS) working with Canadian firm RevoluPAY to offer new services to customers.
  • A total of 15 countries across Central and South America will benefit from the new arrangement, which is designed to improve online money transfer capabilities there.
  • RevoluPAY said that it would build on its offer and scale up as the new partnership gets underway.

A big name on the Canadian online money transfer scene has confirmed that it will provide a new Central and South America-focused service alongside an international money transfer firm.

RevoluPAY, which is based in the city of Vancouver, confirmed that it would be working with BBVA Transfer Services (BTS).

The partnership will mean that RevoluPAY clients will be able to send remittances to family members via the BTS system.

The new development will apply to 15 countries in total.

These include major economies such as Mexico and Brazil as well Argentina and Peru.

Other names on the list include the Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia and Paraguay.

Guatemala, Bolivia and Ecuador are also represented, as are Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Uruguay.

According to a press statement from the firm, customers can decide how their family members collect the cash.

They can send it with the stipulation that it will arrive at a bank account or at a physical, in-person payment centre.

In a statement, the director of RevoluPAY, Alfredo Manresa, said that the firm was looking forward to working alongside a company that was considered highly trustworthy.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with BBVA Transfer Services, one of the most trusted companies in the industry,” he said.

He added that BTS’s wealth of expertise meant that it could bring several advantages to the table, especially when it came to compliance and security.

“BTS brings two-decade strong experience in cross-border payments, innovation, backed by profound industry expertise, an ever-evolving network, and a state-of-the-art compliance framework to this collaboration,” he explained.

He also said that his firm would look to build on what it can offer as time goes on and the partnership evolves and changes.

“We look forward to exploring new possibilities to scale the capabilities of this promising partnership, which reflects our mutual commitment for excellence and customer satisfaction,” he added.

BTS describes itself as a leading name in the field of international money movement, especially when it comes to locations such as Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

It operates an in-house payment processing service that is designed to integrate with partner organisations.

In addition to its payments services, the firm also provides other services such as transaction aggregation.

It can also provide monitoring and foreign exchange services to its clients for the full payments experience.

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