Paysafe and Google announce Play Store partnership

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  • Customers can use prepaid paysafecard to make purchases in Google's Play Store
  • Users expected to take advantage of faster, easier payments
  • Limited initial launch will eventually expand to global Paysafe card holders

International payments provider Paysafe has just announced it has entered into a partnership with Google to offer faster, easier payments for consumers shopping in the Google Play Store.

Because of the new deal, Paysafe users will now be able to use their prepaid paysafecard to make purchases in the Play Store, Google's Android app marketplace. Using the paysafecard eliminates the need for users to make cross-border payments with traditional credit cards or digital bank transfers.

Customers with the paysafecard can buy apps, games and more in the Play Store simply by entering their 16-digit PIN. Transactions are completed almost instantly and will allow paysafecard account holders to make safer, faster, simpler payments in the Play Store right from their Android mobile devices.

According to Paysafe, the partnership with Google marks a significant accomplishment for the company and was made possible by close collaboration between the fintech firm and the tech giant.

"Google is one of the best-known brands in the world, if not the best, so partnering with them for our current and prospective customers is a momentous business move," said Udo Müller, paysafecard CEO.

The Play Store paysafecard capability will see a limited initial release, with users in Poland getting first access to the new payment method. Roughly one million Polish consumers use the paysafecard each year.

However, with paysafecard currently available in 46 countries around the world and sales support at more than 600,000 international retailers, Paysafe will surely be looking to expand its Google Play Store compatibility over the next few years.

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