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  • New partnership set to re-launch valued product, FX Payment
  • Project is in collaboration with Airpay Payment Services, an omnichannel payments platform in India
  • “We are now extending our capabilities to payment gateways, thereby offering a fast, secure and cost-effective payment option to customers buying on e-commerce sites,” said InstaReM CEO

Fast-growing Singaporean cross border payments start-up, InstaReM, has announced that it will work alongside an Indian start-up to deliver enhanced services.

“FX Payment”, a service which is available to merchants and e-commerce providers in almost 30 countries around the world, is operated by Airpay Payment Solutions.

Customers will now be able to divert their payments via InstaRem when they make a transaction on Airpay – which means that they will be able to benefit financially by avoiding high margins on foreign exchange transactions, service fees and more.

According to InstaReM’s founder and current CEO Prajit Nanu, the new system will enable a “fast, secure and cost-effective payment option”.

“InstaReM’s innovative payments solutions enable individual and enterprise users to send, spend and receive money efficiently, to and from different parts of the world, while saving on high transaction costs that are traditionally associated with cross-border money movements”, he said.

“We are now extending our capabilities to payment gateways, thereby offering a fast, secure and cost-effective payment option to customers buying on e-commerce sites. With this partnership, consumers all over the world will be able to make payments in real-time to some of the highly-reputed merchant brands in India.”

On Airpay’s part, principal founder and managing director Kunal Jhunjhunwala said that its offer was “seamless and transparent”.

“International payments via credit cards are opaque and expensive due to high credit card processing charges and hidden fees that are not typically known or explained to the consumers”, he said.

“By leveraging InstaReM’s global presence and capabilities in cross-border payments, we are offering a seamless and transparent payment option which is going to be immensely beneficial to the merchants using our platform as well as their customers”, he added.

It’s hard to keep up with InstaReM, the Singapore-based payments start-up which is taking the online money transfer world by storm at the moment.

Not content with offering its products to the consumer market, it is also clearly keen to tap into the world of payment gateways – as this new partnership with Airpay has shown.

By working alongside omnichannel platforms, InstaReM is getting even more exposure and markets for its services at the crucial touchpoints at which it often matters the most from a revenue perspective.

Clearly, there are some strategic brains doing the thinking at InstaRem – and this payments company is not going off the scene any time soon.

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