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Founded in 2004 and based in London, Samba International Limited provides a secure, digital platform for residents in the UK to send money to Ghana and access funds quickly and securely that have been sent from Ghana to the UK. Samba provides customers a secure platform for sending money internationally, and the ability to send money for transfer directly to a bank account or for cash pickup. Samba’s transfer services are among the fastest and most cost-effective ways to send money to Ghana. By using Samba, customers can save on transaction costs by accessing favorable exchange rates and low transaction fees when sending funds to or from Ghana.

Customer Reviews: Overall Report

The company has been building a reputation as a reliable international transfer service provider focused on sending money to Ghana, a traditionally underserved remittance market. Overall, the company received positive comments from reviewers, with most liking the fast, reliable service, low fees, and access to favorable exchange rates.

Of the negative reviews we could find, several mentioned funds arriving late in the recipient account. One reviewer claimed that Samba credited his account for the funds arriving late, while another stated that Samba hadn’t sent the funds when they promised to send them, resulting in a late arrival. These negative reviews were rare, however. Most reviewers were happy with Samba’s money transfer services.

Fees & Exchange Rate

Reviewers liked Samba’s ability to access favorable exchange rates while keeping transaction costs low at the same time. Most commenters who mentioned the exchange rate received for their transaction, or the overall cost of their transaction, gave the company credit for finding good rates, and for keeping costs low.

Global Reach / Currencies Available

Samba provides transfer services to and from the UK and Ghana, and deals in the currencies of those countries only. For customers looking to send money between the UK and Ghana, Samba is exactly what they need. Several reviewers mentioned being pleased to have a safe and cost-effective option for sending money between the UK and Ghana.

Transaction Ease

Samba reviewers gave the company high marks for providing an easy money transfer process. Almost all the reviews we found commented that Samba made sending money to Ghana much easier. Several reviewers also mentioned the Samba mobile app made it easy for them to send money or keep track of transactions even when traveling.

Transaction Timing

Samba reviewers seemed mostly pleased with Samba’s ability to send money on time to or from Ghana. There were a few negative reviews claiming the company either didn’t send the funds on time, or sent the funds but they were delayed and didn’t arrive when Samba had promised they would. Still, most commenters were satisfied with how quickly the funds arrived at their destination and how swiftly their transaction was executed.

Online Offering

Based on reviews, most Samba customers seemed happy to use the company’s mobile app, which provides the same functionality as the company’s website, including the ability to initiate transfers, track transactions, or contact Samba’s customer service department. The majority of customer reviews were favorable towards Samba’s digital offerings, with several stating that the app was easy to use and good for keeping track of their money when traveling or away from home.

Overall Customer Service / Helplines / Help Centers

Reviewers gave Samba high ratings for the level of customer service it provided to customers. Most commenters described positive experiences with support staff when contacted by phone, email, or in person at Samba’s London headquarters, with several describing ‘pleasant’ personnel or an easy resolution to their issue. Out of approximately 20 reviews mentioning Samba’s customer service, there were no negative reviews.

Other products

Samba gives customers the ability to send money quickly and securely to and from Ghana. The company can deposit funds into a recipient’s bank account, or can arrange for a cash pickup. Customers gave Samba overall high ratings for offering a number of options for how the funds are delivered, as well as providing access to an African remittance market that is typically underserved or prohibitively expensive for individuals wishing to remit money to Africa.

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