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How to Transfer Money from France to Brazil


France and Brazil created a formal strategic alliance in 2008, and today both countries remain committed to bilateral relations, with working groups formed in technological innovation, renewable energies, nuclear energies, and defense technologies to help foster existing political and trade alliances. The countries have established a number of agreements for trade, foreign direct investment, and educational opportunities. Currently, there are no restrictions on sending money between the countries, and it is easy to transfer money from France to Brazil.

Visas, work permits and residency

To visit Brazil, all non-citizens must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after their date of arrival in the country. For business or tourist visits of up to 90 days, French citizens are not required to have a visa to travel within Brazil. For stays of longer than 90 days, French citizens must apply for the appropriate work or travel visa through a local Brazilian consulate or embassy. A permanent resident visa must be applied for if planning to establish residency and live permanently in Brazil.

Buying property in Brazil

Buying real estate in Brazil is considered a good investment and is generally open, without restrictions, to foreign investors. The Brazilian government’s regulations stipulate that all foreign purchasers of Brazilian property must show a valid passport and an individual taxpayer’s number (the cadastro de pessoa fisica, CPF). The taxpayer’s number is issued by the Brazilian treasury department and is mandatory for any real estate purchase. Married purchasers will also need to supply their spouse’s CPF. To complete the purchase, foreign buyers must also provide proof of solvency from the Brazilian Tax Office. The proof of solvency is only granted once the purchaser’s CPF number has been granted. After the CPF number has been assigned and submitted with all required paperwork, French citizens will want to look into setting up an international money transfer to fund their purchase.

The only restrictions for French citizens who wish to purchase property in Brazil are related to purchasing property that borders other countries. Currently, no foreigners may purchase property in Brazil that is on the seashore or that is within 150 kilometers of international borders, without first obtaining special government authorization. Foreigners also may not purchase property that is considered rural. It is advisable to find a real estate attorney and agent that are familiar with Brazilian real estate law and the language to guide you throughout the process.


French citizens living abroad must report any income earned worldwide, and are required to file tax forms with the French government declaring any earnings they make while residing in Brazil. French citizens must pay taxes on this income, although the tax treaty between the two countries allows French citizens to receive credit via a foreign income tax offset for any taxes they pay in Brazil, helping them to avoid double taxation.


In 2012, it became legal for French citizens and residents to vote in local municipal elections and European parliamentary elections while living abroad. French citizens living in Brazil are not permitted to vote in Brazilian elections. Voting is compulsory in Brazil, but only for Brazilian citizens. For French citizens who wish to vote remotely in their country’s parliamentary elections, they must first register with the local French consulate where they are living before they are permitted to vote from abroad.

French citizens studying in Brazil

The Brazilian school system includes a number of international schools available to non-residents. Typically, the language spoken at international schools is either English, German, or Japanese. There are French-speaking schools in Brazil, however. A listing of international schools can be found at the Good Schools Guide International website. For French citizens who wish to pursue higher education in Brazil, there are a number of programs and educational opportunities established by the French and Brazilian governments.


Brazil is one of the leading medical tourism destinations in South America and there are a number of top-notch healthcare facilities within the country. Currently, there is no reciprocal healthcare agreement between Brazil and France. French citizens who plan to visit Brazil on a temporary basis for work or travel are strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover any unexpected medical costs.

While Brazilian citizens and foreign residents are eligible to take part in the country’s government-funded healthcare services, foreigners should rely on private insurance or employer-provided insurance when in Brazil, as they are not eligible for these public services.

Importing from France to Brazil

Brazil is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin America and, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the sixth largest recipient in the world for money transfers and FDI flows in 2013. International trade and investing between France and Brazil is robust, and the two countries belong to a number of international committees to encourage continuing trade and investment opportunities, as well as maintaining efforts to work together to implement global policy initiatives in key areas such as technological development, energy, and international human rights.

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