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Yes. All the brokers listed on our site have online platforms. These platforms allow you easy 24/7 access to their service and you can manage the process and view your transactions and reporting. Some providers on the site only offer online services. In our comparison table, you will be able to see this under the “Types of Transfer” section.

How the online process works:

Once you have registered with the chosen provider you will receive a username and password. The next step is to log into an automated system and buy currency at live rates, as much or as little as you want. All trades are confirmed instantly and customer service is on hand to deal with any issues you may have. In some cases, your first trade will be reviewed by a customer service team to help you through the process.

Key benefits in using an online platform:

  • Transparency and real-time tracking
  • No offline transaction fees
  • Allows the business or individual to take control of money transfers
  • Execution only system passes savings directly onto the customer
  • Simple transfer process
  • Fast and Cost Effective
  • Save recipients and automate a repeatable process
  • Security (every provider listed on our site is regulated by the relevant Government body in the country they operate in)

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