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Top 3 Money Transfer Providers for UK to Pakistan

Provider Amount To Send Fee Exchange Rate Speed
OFX (UK) OFX (UK) GBP £200.00 No Fee 348.8395 1-3 days more...
Azimo Azimo GBP £200.00 No Fee 346.7253 1-5 days more...
WorldRemit WorldRemit GBP £200.00 No Fee 345.3158 0-0 days more...
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There are no exchange controls in the UK for the pound sterling (GBP), and transferring money to the UK and sending money from the UK is very easy Read More
Sending money to Pakistan is relatively unrestricted, and non-residents are permitted to hold Pakistani bank accounts denominated in foreign currency Read More

Send money from UK to Pakistan

Top 8 Money Transfer Providers

Latest prices for transferring money from UK to Pakistan
Exchange Rates as of 21 June 2024, 21:00


Est. 1998

OFX (previously UKForex in the UK), provides secure and speedy international money transfers to over 300,000 people in 55 currencies at better-than-bank rates

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Amount Received
PKR ₨ 69,767.90
GBP £14.95
saved vs. banks


Est. 2012

Azimo is an online only provider with a focus on mobile money transfers. They also work with the top global banks and payment providers to ensure the safe delivery of your money and payout globally.

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
PKR ₨ 69,345.06
GBP £13.75
saved vs. banks


Est. 2009

Use the code '3FREE' and pay no fees on your first three money transfers

WorldRemit is an online service that lets people send money to friends and family living abroad, using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Amount Received
PKR ₨ 69,063.17
GBP £12.95
saved vs. banks


Est. 2010

Wise is an online only provider

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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
PKR ₨ 70,261.20
GBP £16.35
saved vs. banks


Est. 2004

MoneyGram is a leading remittance provider serving countries across the globe.


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FXcompared Rating
Amount Received
PKR ₨ 66,993.04
GBP £7.08
saved vs. banks

Western Union

Est. 1851

The Western Union Company is a financial services and communications company based in the United States.

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Amount Received
PKR ₨ 66,924.32
GBP £6.88
saved vs. banks

Rates From The Average UK High Street Bank

Est. 1934

Banks are the most expensive way to do an international money transfer, the quotes from the providers above show you the typical savings that can be made. All providers on are regulated in the UK  by the FCA, in the USA by FinCEN, In Canada SSC and Australia, ASIC.

We check all rates regularly and this quote is an actual quote of the average from UK banks for this past month. It includes all major and some smaller banks. Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Co-operative Bank, HSBC UK, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, Monzo, NatWest, Nationwide, Santander GB, Starling Bank- tracked every month. For more information on how the price comparisons are calculated, see our IMTI page.

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Amount Received
PKR ₨ 64,977.17
GBP £1.35
saved vs. banks


Est. 1979

One-off payments | Regular payments | Great rates | Safeguarded customer funds

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Amount Received
PKR ₨ 68,132.93
GBP £10.31
saved vs. banks


There are many reasons for sending money from the UK to Pakistan, and thankfully few limitations to doing so. Whether you’re paying bills, planning a move, taking a holiday, or sending money to family or friends, there are options for money transfers to Pakistan.

With around 1.6 million British Pakistanis living in the UK, it’s often necessary for members of this community to send money to friends and families overseas. The rich culture, flavourful food, historical locations and the fact that Pakistan has English as an official language (alongside Urdu) are just some of the reasons why UK nationals may choose to visit or move to Pakistan.

Find favourable exchange rates and avoid hefty bank fees with a reliable money transfer provider, and get the best deal on your GBP to PKR exchange.


The British Pound Sterling (GBP) has been in circulation longer than any other currency continuously. One of the most highly-traded currencies in the world, the pound isn’t going anywhere soon. However, recent events such as Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and economic turmoil has caused this superpower currency to depreciate.

In Pakistan, the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has been the official currency since the end of the 1940s. Similarly to the GBP, the Pakistani rupee has faced devaluation in recent years, with 2023 not forecast to be much better.

Trading and political relations

The ties between the UK and Pakistan run deep, with origins linking back to the British Empire. Since Pakistan became independent, the two countries have a more balanced relationship as part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

UK imports from Pakistan rose to $2.28bn in 2022, while the country’s exports to Pakistan declined to $756.25m in the same year (compared to a post-Covid rebound in 2021). Nevertheless, the UK remains Pakistan’s biggest trading and investment partner in Europe,  with a strong bilateral trading relationship.

Politically the relationship between Pakistan and the UK is widely bridged by the Pakistani diaspora in the UK, as well as many recent global issues, such as Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine.


Opening a bank account in Pakistan as an expat is possible, although having proof of residence will be required, or else you may be subjected to  fees. Having a bank account in Pakistan will become necessary if planning to move there or spend prolonged periods in the country.

However, for efficient and affordable overseas transfers, which could be deposits, remittances or travel costs, by utilising a money transfer provider you can skip the bank fees and reap the benefits.


As with moving overseas to any country, it’s wise to become familiar with the tax law before making the move. In Pakistan the tax year is 1st July to 30th June, and personal income tax is charged on those earning above PKR 600,000. Sales tax is also something to be aware of, standing at 17% in 2023.

Fortunately, Pakistan and the UK have had a double taxation treaty for decades, preventing most individuals from paying the same taxes in both countries.

Visas and immigration

For British nationals planning to visit or live in Pakistan it is necessary to obtain either the appropriate visa or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). Research will be necessary to determine which visa type is needed, and could be a work, student, journalist, or other visa. There are also first-time visas, which is as simple as it sounds, and extension visas for if you are already living in Pakistan.

All of the necessary documents will be needed to be completed, as well as paying a fee, and from there it is a waiting process to see if your visa is approved.

Buying property in Pakistan

The most important thing that you can do before purchasing a property in Pakistan: research. As expected, the processes may be different than what you are used to. Finding an estate agent that you trust and who knows the local area can help ease you into the process. Ensuring that the process is done officially is also key, so make sure all of the necessary documents have been signed.

The real estate market is projected to grow in Pakistan by 2.3% in 2023, with an optimistic outlook on the next few years being widely held. Property is largely a wise investment, and with a growing market in the country, it could benefit you in the long run.


Ready to send money from the UK to Pakistan? Set yourself up in a good position with an international money transfer company that suits your needs.



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