WorldRemit and Mukuru join forces for Zimbabwe cash pick-up


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  • Cash can be sent via WorldRemit from over 50 nations around the world.
  • It can be collected at Mukuru branches across Zimbabwe.
  • “We want to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to our service which offers a fast and convenient user experience, affordability and easy access to cash,” said a WorldRemit spokesperson.

One of the world’s leading remittances firms has announced a new partnership in order to enable cross-border money transfers to Zimbabwe.

WorldRemit said that it would work alongside Mukuru to offer extended services to customers.

WorldRemit clients from more than 50 nations around the world, such as Australia, the UK and the US, will be able to send cash to people across Zimbabwe – even outside of cities.

The recipients will be able to pick up their remittance in US dollar cash at one of the 120 ‘orange booths’ or branches operated by Mukuru.

According to Pardon Mujakachi, who serves as the head of Sub Saharan Africa and also as the country director for Zimbabwe at WorldRemit, the move will help customers access the firm’s online money transfer services even if they are in “small towns and growth points”.

“We have witnessed an increasing demand as more Zimbabweans are using our digital app to send money to their loved ones,” he said.

“Through this partnership we are able to drive our service further and wider, providing access to remittances even in small towns and growth points across the country.”

“We want to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to our service which offers a fast and convenient user experience, affordability and easy access to cash,” he added.

For Mukuru, Andy Jury, who is the firm’s chief executive officer, added that the partnership could offer a chance for new “customer-led innovation” in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are excited to be able to extend Mukuru’s valuable pay-out footprint to more customers, and to harness this opportunity with WorldRemit’s global reach to expand our fast-growing global presence – while simultaneously creating new opportunities for customer-led innovation on the continent,” he said.

“These types of synergies bring immediate value to our customers, and alleviates their day to day challenges with user-friendly solutions,” he added.

Now that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic is tentatively over, companies like these are clearly desperate to get back to normal.

However, the importance of the pandemic for the cross-border payments industry, and the likely long-term effects it will have on how these firms do business, is clear.

The press statement from WorldRemit made clear that customers “will not have to endure long queues, and can collect their cash quickly and safely,” suggesting that public health will be front and centre in the minds of firms for a long time yet.

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