Payoneer announces new collaboration for digital entrepreneurship


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  • Payoneer, which is one of the online money transfer sector’s biggest and most well-respected names, will work alongside the Pakistani company Enablers to offer payment options to ecommerce sellers in the country.
  • The arrangement was celebrated during a meet-up between the two firms in the major Pakistani city of Lahore.
  • Senior figures at the firm said that they would work hard to implement new strategies to boost customer experience.

International money transfers company Payoneer has revealed a new partnership with the Pakistani ecommerce company Enablers.

The two firms will work together as part of a push to improve entrepreneurship in the country.

As part of the new arrangement, customers of Enablers will now be able to send money directly through Payoneer’s payments infrastructure.

Enablers focuses in particular on ecommerce firms in the country.

It helps those who are in the early stages of their ecommerce journey to get set up and running.

The new arrangement was announced during an event in the Pakistani city of Lahore.

In a statement, a senior representative of Payoneer said that he was impressed by the range of companies working in the country.

Mohsin Muzaffer, who serves as the country manager for Pakistan, said: “It’s pleasing to know companies in Pakistan are taking such big initiatives.”

He also expressed positivity about the role of Enablers in improving the country’s ecommerce landscape.

“We’re thankful to Enablers for facilitating cross border eCommerce from Pakistan, and it’s delightful to know that they’re doing a lot to boost entrepreneurship in the country,” he said.

In a wide-ranging statement, he also went on to promise that his company would collaborate with Enablers “closely” – and that there were plenty of plans in the works for helping clients.

“Payoneer will work closely with Enablers to further strengthen the digital ecosystem in Pakistan. We’re working on different strategies that would increase ease of use and help our customers go beyond,” he said.

Payoneer is one of the sector’s biggest business-to-business cross-border payments companies.

It is anchored around a digital platform and works to improve commerce for millions of users.

It has a foothold in 200 nations and territories across the globe.

In a further statement, Affaf Noor, who serves as partnerships manager at Payoneer, said that companies that work with the firm “will be able to unlock their true growth potential” as a result of the partnership.

Enablers, meanwhile, offers a variety of important services to those launching Amazon selling companies in the country – these include coaching and account management options.

Its suite of services is designed for those who have not used Amazon (on the ecommerce or seller side) in the past.

The firm’s stated goal is to open up 2m opportunities for work in Pakistan by 2023, according to its website.

To learn more about what Payoneer can offer you as a customer of the online money transfer industry, just go to this link and read some reviews.

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