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Sorrel Barnard
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La dolce vita! Whether it’s the rolling hills of Tuscany, the art and architecture of Florence, or the wine and food just about everywhere, the culture and Italian way of life is undeniably appealing.

If you find yourself dreaming of a vacation home on the Amalfi coast or spending your retirement learning to make pasta and driving Ferraris, there are some practical considerations to make before looking at any Italian property for sale.

Will it be a primary residence or vacation home; restoration project or holiday rental? How will a purchase fit into your overall finances and what are the possible practical, legal and personal challenges of maintaining a home in another country or possibly retiring there? Visit the area you are considering multiple times, rent a home similar to the one you’re looking to buy, shop for food, do laundry and go about your daily life as if you were living there to allow yourself the full residential experience before taking the plunge.
Before entering any agreements, it is wise to engage an attorney in your home country who is bilingual and familiar with both international and Italian property law. You will also want to engage an estate agent local to the Italian region you wish to buy. The good news is there are no restrictions on foreign ownership. But be warned! The slow pace of life is a large part of Italy’s charm. A good marinara stews all day, the best wines are aged for years and similarly, buying property in Italy can require much patience.
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Other Payments and Fees

In addition to the purchase price, the property will be subject to various other payments and fees including: Registration Tax, VAT, Land Registry Tax, Notary Fee, Legal Fees, Real Estate Agent’s Fees.
When purchasing international property, particularly property for sale in Italy, the ability to compare exchange rates and the services international money transfer providers offer, can make a huge difference in the ultimate purchase price as well as the costs of ownership and maintenance.
Once the purchase is complete, be sure to check out the FXCompared Guide for Regular Overseas Payments for information on how best to pay for regular expenses like management and maintenance of your new home.

Planning for your purchase

The sheer logistics of purchasing international property can seem daunting. How can you know you’re getting the best deal? International money transfers are easier than ever thanks to mobile applications and online tools. Engaging a money transfer provider early in the process allows you the benefits of a dedicated account manager and fair exchange rates. Additionally, a money transfer provider can help you automate international payments and advise you on strategies to hedge risk in future international payments.

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