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With sunny skies above and temperatures climbing by the day, many Britons find themselves rushing abroad for a holiday. With its seemingly endless hours of sunlight, low rainfall, and a balmy average temperature of around 70°F/21°C in the summer months, Spain is among the most popular vacation destinations. Craving fresh ceviche? Swooning at the thought of a tango with a handsome Spaniard? Wish you jet off to a private vacation paradise at a moment’s notice? Luckily for you, there’s never been a better time to invest in real estate abroad. We here at FXcompared are champions of the sun and fresh air – read on for our guide to vacation homes in Spain.

Types of Properties for Sale in Spain

Apartamento – Apartments, or apartamentos, make ideal vacation homes for many reasons. They are extremely common throughout all regions of Spain - whether you’re seeking a cozy country retreat or a hideaway in a bustling city, you’re sure to find an apartamento that suits your needs. The communal aspect also has several perks – upkeep is cheaper and easier than with detached properties, neighbors are around to keep an eye out and increase security. Many apartment buildings offer shared spaces, like pools and barbecues. Too much togetherness makes for a lack of privacy, however, as many Spanish apartment buildings have very thin walls.

Casa adosada

Roughly translated, una casa adosada means a townhouse or rowhouse. These units strike a good balance for travelers, combining the communal aspect and shared facilities of an apartment complex with the privacy of a private home, sans extravagant upkeep costs. Casa adosada are generally two-floor properties, often with private gardens or even small private pools. Demand for these rowhouses has increased in recent years, but they are still scarcely distributed throughout Spain. If you are interested in una casa adosada, your best bet is to look in the more popular regions of the country.

Casa de pueblo

Primarily found in rural village areas, pueblos are structured similarly to casa adosada – a two floor, semi-detached property with a small private outdoor area. However, while casa adosada are modern developments, pueblos date back to an earlier era and often lack modern conveniences, like central heating or air conditioning. Pueblos are also often characterized by strange, inconsistent layouts, frequently featuring small windows and small, dark rooms. Consequently, upkeep costs for these structures are higher and reliable building maintenance is often harder to obtain in rural areas.

Casa rural

Also known as a cortijo or masia, una casa rural is a larger, older country estate. The architecture of these particular homes varies greatly throughout the different regions of the country. The Catalonia region, in northeastern Spain, boasts elaborate mansions. To the west, the Balearic Islands are known for sprawling farmhouses. Simpler country cottages are found in the Andalusia and Extremadura regions. Demand for casa rural has decreased in recent years; many vacationers wish to spend their leisure time in close proximity to urban attractions, a luxury that is not possible with a true rural property. As such, these properties are becoming more and more affordable at base. As with casa de pueblo, casa rural are older properties, strangely designed and governed by strict historical regulations. Upkeep can be markedly more expensive and harder to maintain, compounded by language barriers and lack of competent repair persons in country towns.

It should be noted that homeowners put up with the bizarre layouts and costly maintenance of these country homes for the peace and tranquility they provide. If you can afford it, the sweeping countryside will repay your investment tenfold – with lush vineyards, fragrant citrus, and an abundance of olive groves.

Another real estate trend Spain has seen in recent years? Custom homes. Proceed with caution, however. Many foreigners are tricked into buying terrenos only to discover their new land is protected by the government and no development whatsoever is allowed.
George Orwell once declared, “I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries.” Hopefully, you now feel similarly! To begin your Spanish adventure, get the best international transfer rates by engaging with one of our currency specialists today!

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