World Remit facilitates instant cash transfers for Cambodians abroad

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  • World Remit, the popular international money transfers company, offers Cambodians living a broad a fast solution for money remittances from over 50 countries

  • Customers can send a cash transfer from their mobile app, allowing for a convenient and quick transfer method

  • Great example of increasing partnerships within fintech that bring cheaper international money transfer solutions to customers rather than sticking with the traditional banking network

World Remit have announced a partnership with Wing Partners that will enable Cambodians abroad to transfer money quickly to family and friends at home. The partnership will enable instant transfers from over 50 countries globally including Australia, France, United States and UK. Maximum transfers are limited to small amounts (thousands) depending on where the transfer is taking place, so the service is ideal for anyone who wants to send remittance payments to family and friends at home. There are no details about whether there are additional costs for this service but the element of speed will be attractive to customers who want to get their hard earned cash back to their family quickly.

Wing is a popular mobile banking provider in Cambodia. Their customers manage their accounts through a mobile app. They can either make domestic money transfers, spend the funds in a vast number of merchants across the country, make domestic bill payments or withdraw their cash from a large network of agents. The new partnership makes World Remit an attractive money transfer provider for people wishing to transfer money home, not only due to the reduced costs and the ease at managing their account through their mobile. World Remit was set up with the mission to provide transparent costs and more competitive rates than the banking network.

The link deal will allow World Remit customers to make a cash transfer, which can be collected from one of the many Wing agents throughout Cambodia. As World Remit is an online money transfer provider, anyone wishing to use the service can carry out their international money transfer direct from their mobile, without the need to locate a branch to set up the payment. World Remit is a vote winner amongst its customers, scoring high reviews on the usual customer review sites and this recent partnership is sure to be a winner.

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