Ria Money Transfer announces new collaboration with Belgian postal service


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  • New partnership will be between Ria Money Transfer and bpost, the Belgian postal service
  • The launch is set to occur next month, and receipt will be possible in more than 160 countries around the world
  • “Through our shared values of transparency and sustainability, we will bring better access to cost-effective and secure money transfers to customers across Belgium”, said Ria Money spokesperson

cross border payments firm has announced a major collaboration with a significant European postal service. 

Ria Money Transfer, which is owned by Euronet, has announced it will work alongside “bpost” – the Belgian postal service – to offer online money transfer services.

It will be possible for customers to transfer funds from bpost offices to any of the global network of Ria Money Transfer locations, which number almost 400,000 around the world.

It will also be possible for recipients in over 160 nations around the world to collect the cash.

As a major name in Belgium, bpost has around 600 post offices in the country.

It is expected that the services will be brought to market next month in Belgium itself.

According to Jan Smets, who is the retail and customer care director at bpost, the firm aims to provide a “world-class service” every time.

“bpost is always striving to offer its customers a world-class service and teaming up with Ria Money Transfer, a global remittance leader known for its efficiency and competitive prices worldwide, represents an opportunity to offer a streamlined, secure and transparent remittance service to customers nationwide”, Smets was quoted as saying in a press release.

For Ria Europe, managing director Jose Cabral added that access to “cost-effective” transfers will be improved.

“Through our shared values of transparency and sustainability, we will bring better access to cost-effective and secure money transfers to customers across Belgium”, he said.

There was more news from Ria Money Transfer too.

It was also revealed this week that a firm called Safaricom, which is located in Kenya, will work alongside Ria to deliver better services for its M-Pesa customers.

Customers of that service will be able to accept incoming payments from more than 20 nations around the world.

It will have speed and efficiency benefits too.

Consumers using the platform will be able to secure the transaction fee prior to actually dispatching the cash, and they will also be able to see the relevant exchange rate.

Money transfers will take effect instantly and appear in user balances right away.

According to news coverage of this partnership, Ria Money Transfer actually has the second-biggest money transfer network on the globe.

On its website, Ria claims to have processed more than one billion money transfers.

“With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and the backing of Euronet, your money is safe in our hands”, it says.

Don’t fall behind when it comes to tracking the latest news from firms such as Ria Money Transfer and bpost.

Head over to our news pages and stay ahead of the cross border payments curve.

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