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  • Several countries in Europe, including nations as diverse as Finland and Austria, will have access to the app.
  • The announcement comes against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to cause havoc around the world.
  • “Remittances, more so than ever before, are the lifeblood of millions of families around the world who rely on funds sent from abroad to make ends meet,” Ria said in a press release.

The well-known cross border payments firm Ria has announced a new mobile application aimed at customers in Europe.

The firm said that it would launch the app in 13 nations by next month (June).

However, it also said that it had launched the app already in locations such as Germany and France.

Over the course of the month, meanwhile, a range of other countries will get access to it.

These will include Belgium, Italy, Austria and Denmark.

Also on the list are Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Many of the Scandinavian countries are also represented, with Norway, Sweden and Finland all getting the app

Ria, which is a subsidiary of the firm Euronet, said that its app is also available for download in the major North American economies of the US and Canada.

The firm also operates in other major markets such as Spain, the UK and Australia.

This, however, must be done over the web, and there did not appear to be any indication from the press release that the app would soon move to these locales.

In a statement, Juan Bianchi, who serves as CEO of Euronet’s Money Transfer Segment, said that the app came at a time when customers “need it most”.

“For us, our digital expansion has been about finding the right balance between harnessing the best technology and implementing it in a way that is inclusive for all our customers,” he said.

“We’re happy to provide our customers with new, digital alternatives for sending money when they need it most.”

“While we look forward to seeing them again soon at our stores and agents, our priority is ensuring their safety and comfort at this time, giving them one less thing to worry about,” he added.

Ria claims to have the largest bank deposit network on Earth, with more than 3bn accounts in its sphere of access.

In its press release announcing the app’s expansion, the firm emphasised just how important remittances are.

“Remittances, more so than ever before, are the lifeblood of millions of families around the world who rely on funds sent from abroad to make ends meet,” it said.

“The app release comes at a crucial time, with lockdowns and other preventive restrictions taking place around the globe as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The app now offers customers a convenient alternative to sending money without the need to leave their homes,” it added.

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