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If you, your company or your clients make and/or receive international payments, you already understand the importance of a proactive currency strategy. All currency strategies need to be revisited on occasion; there is perhaps no better reminder of this than the recent volatility of the pound following Brexit. Fortunately, FXcompared can provide assistance not only in analysing your currency strategy, but can also help ensure you are getting the best international transfer rates possible.

Managing Currency Risk

Following the announcement of the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union, the pound fell to a historical low against the US dollar. For those managing businesses or accounts transferring pounds internationally, i.e. paying and/or receiving funds in GBP, suddenly you may be realising the accounts you manage have less money per transaction and your profit margins may be lower than before Brexit. For many financial directors, Brexit’s recent influence on the volatility of the pound indicates the importance of either building a new currency strategy, or rethinking your current currency strategy. FXcompared offers a variety of free tools to guide you through the chaos of currency strategy post-Brexit.

Managing currency risk and optimizing currency hedging tactics, when applicable, is important. While many financial decision makers go through their bank by default, this “accidental” currency strategy is less effective at saving money. An excellent Brexit strategy is to engage with a currency specialist. Currency specialists, or currency brokers, not only offer better exchange rates to their customers than banks, but they also offer a variety of traditional hedging services offered by banks, such as currency forward contracts, futures and currency options, that are not only effective strategies, but generally a better price than going directly through your bank.

Volatility Tool

FXcompared can assist you in assessing the volatility of the pound compared to various currencies with its volatility. By assessing the volatility of currencies you are exposed to during international transactions, you can better plan ahead and prevent unnecessary loss with a currency strategy that addresses this movement.

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Historical Currency Audit Tool

Curious to see how your current currency strategy is shaping up? Use FXcompared’s Currency Analysis tool to perform a currency audit. Look back at past international transfers and discover if you were getting the best exchange rates at the lowest fees possible and discover possible savings for future transactions.

Review Past International Transfers with our Currency Audit Tool

Save on Money Transfers

What is your current money transfer strategy? Do you transfer directly through your bank? Or perhaps you engage a currency broker or specialist, but you haven’t assessed their rates versus the competition? With the help of FXcompared, you can compare multiple money transfer providers and ensure you are getting the best exchange rate and lowest fees possible per transaction, a currency strategy that is even more valuable than ever due to Brexit’s effect on the pound.

For Practitioners

FXcompared’s offerings are ideal for accountants managing multiple clients. Save your clients’ money by comparing various providers and exploring different currency hedging strategies. Our currency audit tool can help you review past international transactions and assess the effectiveness of your currency strategy.

We also offer white label currency solutions for medium and large sized accountancy practices. To learn more, get in touch with us at

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