Alipay broadens its global reach with several new international launches

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  • Six payment Services link up to provide acceptance of Alipay in Davos, Switzerland, while Israel becomes the first country in the Middle East to accept payments in store from the app

  • Talks continue to push acceptance of the mobile wallet amongst New Zealand retailers and even financial institutions

  • Alipay has linked up with Global Tax Free to deliver good sales tax refunds to Chinese visitors whilst spending in Singapore.

Alipay continues to extend its reach globally into bricks and mortar retailers to increasing acceptance of the digital wallet. Over 50% of the Chinese population use the digital payment app to make purchases. In recent weeks Alipay has announced link deals with retailers using its overseas service platform for international money transfers and payments. The potential once these buyers are able to connect with these retailers, is significant and encourages future tourism streams to these countries and growth potential for the businesses within them.

Following on from developments with US retailers. Alipay has announced that Israel Credit Card and OneBill are going to start accepting payments in-store, with the mobile app. This will make it the first country in the Middle East to accept payments via Alipay. Six Payment Services, a European payments provider in Switzerland has also announced that hotels, restaurants and supermarkets will all be able to accept this method of payment in Davos. A notable move as Chinese tourists represents the fourth largest segment of visitors to Switzerland. Looking to New Zealand and Alipay is in talks with financial institutions and retailers, to encourage wider adoption of the QR code generating app.

Retailers are realising that if they want to encourage spending from Chinese tourists they need to make it easier for them to buy, rather than relying on them to find methods to send money abroad for collection or by using currency cards. In Beijing it is now almost impossible to make payments by cash or card in many retailers, such is the extent of the adoption of the mobile wallet.

Alipay continues to make waves for its customers, by announcing a link with the goods sales tax refund company Global Tax Free, which will allow an automatic tax refund to be processed through the application when making certain purchases in Singapore.

As China continues to move towards a cashless society, Alipay is spreading the ability to make digital wallet payments into retailers globally.

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