| Friday, October 2nd, 2015

International Money Transfers for Property Companies

Real Estate companies requiring international money transfer services can find the right solution with one of our foreign exchange partners.

Real estate companies can benefit in both the residential and commercial and industrial spaces.

Solutions for Residential Real Estate

By using a money transfer provider, real estate companies can offer a value add service to their clients transferring funds internationally to buy residential property. These clients can be recommended to view options directly at FXcompared if the funds are not moving through the real estate company and for purchases that go via the real estate company, solutions can be found to maximise the amount of money received.

FXcompared has a variety of white label solutions that we can offer to residential real estate companies to provide an additional service to your clients.

Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Companies

Outgoing payments solutions - our partners provide travel businesses with a streamlined method for processing outgoing payments around the globe and in multiple currencies Real estate companies working in the industrial or the commercial space that have to transfer funds internationally can benefit in many ways from using a money transfer provider versus their bank.

Overall, all the solutions lead to one goal - better cash management. Solutions enable property firms to streamline payment processes, improve cash flow and integrate accounting services with their international money transfers to provide better control and visibility of all incoming and outgoing payments.

Risk management solutions help property companies reduce exposure to adverse exchange rate fluctuations. Forward contracts allow firms to lock in favourable exchange rates when they need it, creating big savings and reducing transaction costs.

There are many areas property companies can benefit from such as:

  • Paying for property maintenance and repair overseas
  • Paying overseas property agents
  • Buying and selling overseas property
  • Overseas subsidiary office rents and salaries

Our FX partners offer a dedicated service and advice to help travel companies meet their forex needs.

Payment Processes

Experienced providers can also help property companies companies simplify their international payment processes, reduce purchase costs, and help manage cash flow.

Our partner firms can integrate their services with a real estate company’s existing financial processes and accounts increasing visibility over the entire financial process.

Forward Contracts can be exceptionally valuable in the real estate space when certain dates for exchange and completion are known for the future but exchange rate risk is an issue. Our providers will be able to assist in this area.

Benefits of using an international payment provider

  • Integration with existing management and finance packages
  • 24/7 global access
  • Real-time quotes on different exchange rates
  • Low cost international payments options compared to the typical bank
  • Forward contracts to reduce future payment risks

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