| Friday, October 2nd, 2015

International money transfers for Law Firms

Law firms requiring a money transfer provider can find the right solution with one of our leading foreign exchange partners.

Our partner firms can offer industry-specific web-based systems for domestic and international payments.

International money transfer providers help law firms move client funds to where they need to be quickly and securely. Whether it’s for a foreign property purchase or a patent application in a foreign country, our partners will ensure your firm can move money around cheaply, efficiently and with minimal hassle.

There are other reasons why a law firm may require an FX broker. These include funding overseas offices, rent, payroll and service costs. It could be for paying overseas vendors and office expenses, processing incoming foreign currency payments and funding international litigation.

Partner firms are specialists in this area and will work closely with your firm to come up with a tailored solution. Forward contracts allow firms to lock-in the best rates and pay at a future date, minimising risk and ensuring that you know the precise cost in your domestic currency.

Money Transfer Solutions to Fit Your Needs

International money transfer providers help law firms working across all sectors who need to make payments across borders.

  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Family law and divorce settlements
  • Commercial and residential property transactions
  • Litigation
  • Corporate law

Our FX partners offer dedicated currency account managers who guide businesses through the entire process of transferring money.

Payment Processes

Specialist money transfer providers can also help law firms simplify payment processes, reduce payment costs, and help manage cash flow. Essentially they can help firms run their business better and more smoothly by making payments easier.

Payment providers can integrate their services with existing processes and accounts to manage transactions, increasing visibility and control of the entire process.

Forward Contracts - These allow businesses to lock in a favourable exchange rate for up to a year, meaning firms can plan ahead with the knowledge the price won’t change. Price stability is essential to forward financial planning and protecting against foreign exchange exposure.

International ACH transfers save law firms money and speed up the payment process considerably over paper-based transactions.

Benefits of using an international payment provider

  • Accounting integration
  • 24/7 account access
  • Real-time rate quotes
  • Low cost international payments
  • Streamlined payment processes
  • Segregated accounts to keep client funds secure at all stages
  • Forward contracts to mitigate foreign currency exposure risks

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