| Friday, October 2nd, 2015

International money transfers for import-export businesses

No business needs a money transfer provider as much as an importer/exporter. Our partners understand this and work closely with you to come up with just the right approach for managing your money.

From improved cash flow, more efficient payment processes and lowered risk to currency fluctuations, specialist international money transfer providers are the ideal choice for companies importing or exporting goods and services around the globe.

Outgoing payments - streamline outgoing payments to suppliers in almost any country and any currency. Our partners can work closely with businesses to ensure their outgoing payments are integrated into existing accounting processes to deliver maximum control and visibility of payments.

Incoming payments - make it easy to get paid on time and in your domestic currency with Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) and foreign currency draft services that make it easy to receive and convert foreign funds. Improve cash flow by cutting through slow paper-based transactions when exporting abroad.

Risk management - reduce exposure to foreign currency risk by locking in the best rates up to a year in advance. Mitigate foreign exchange exposure through hedging and by working with money transfer providers on ways to reduce risks and improve your bottom line.

Cash management - bring together outgoing and incoming payments in multiple currencies in one place that’s easy to view. Streamline payment processes, improve cash flow and integrate accounting processes for total control.

Money Transfer Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Import/export companies require international money transfer services to fulfill different functions.
  • Pay foreign suppliers/partners in domestic currency
  • Facilitate large numbers of recurring purchase payments
  • Staffing and payroll in foreign subsidiaries and outlets
  • Receive payments in multiple foreign currencies in one place

Payment Processes

Money transfer providers can help import and export businesses by improving their payment processes to lower costs and help manage cash flow.
Existing payment and accounting processes can be integrated to manage transactions, increase visibility and provide increased control for companies.
Forward Contracts - These allow importers to lock in an exchange rate and therefore a price for goods that are to purchased at a certain future date. This pricing stability can be of great help to planning and purchasing teams in for an importer.

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