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FXcompared’s Intelligence Division is run by our sister company FXC Intelligence and is the first and leading independent research intelligence division specialising in the international money transfer space.
We strive to be the most trusted and best informed money transfer experts, offering both businesses and individuals timely and relevant information in the space. The division is comprised of economists, FX experts and analysts dedicated to producing beneficial research and data on the money transfer industry. Our products and services can streamline business operations and help drive informed business decisions. FXcompared Intelligence’s data is consistently updated to keep you and your business regularly informed of the latest changes in the money transfer space.
Online Interactive Portal
  • Our interactive portal track thousands of banks and payment companies around the globe
  • We track the pricing of banks and payment companies
  • We provide insight into behaviour and decision making of SMEs and individuals
  • We provide market size and trend data

Expert Solutions

Our offerings provide solutions in a variety of areas, including
  • Market dynamics, sizing and landscape
  • Brand positioning
  • Market entry strategy
  • Customer acquisition
  • Pricing
  • Customer profiles
  • Benchmarking

Industries We Serve

Our data and market insights analyse the FX and international money transfer space. Our research and data are suited for many types of clients.
  • Banks
  • International Payment Companies
  • Financial Investment Firms
  • Corporates
  • Consultancies
  • Governments and Regulators

Data Licensing

We licenses data on the sector across a variety of areas such as the International Money Transfer Index (IMTI™) which tracks bank costs of money transfer. Data is available via APIs allowing clients to quickly and easily integrate our services.


Our Clients

Our clients come from the banking, international payments and forex sectors.


Contact Us

Contact Simone Downie in the London Office

Tel: +44 (0) 207 871-5565



Contact Daniel Webber in the New York Office

Tel: +1 (212) 600-8553

General Inquiries can be sent to intelligence@fxcompared.com

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